My name is AJ DeMarco and I am a Twitter Admin for, “PHL Sports Nation,” specifically the subsection, “Sixers Nation.” I live in Perkasie, Pennsylvania currently. Sports has always been a passion of mine.

Other hobbies I’m currently involved with are video games, horror movies, community service and traveling. I am 20 years old and I attended a year and a half at Saint Joseph’s University before transferring back to Bucks County Community to focus on saving money. I now bartend and am dedicated to helping expand the PHLSportsNation and PHLSixersNation brand on twitter. 

My passion for the Philadelphia Sixers began when I was five years old and I saw my very first Sixers game. Watching Allen Iverson play the game of basketball made me fall in love with the Sixers, basketball, and Philadelphia as a child. Allen Iverson is still my favorite athlete of all time. I’ve been watching, following the roster changes, and seeing the growth of the franchise since then. After all these years, this season seems like it’ll be the most exciting season of my lifetime. 

Before being accepted into PHLSixersNation, I applied twice before that. I’ve been following these guys since before WegrynENT was truly established. Ever since the growth, it has made me more intrigued at the opportunity to help this brand out. I saw a company that invested into a fan account and it has become so much more than that! Wegryn Enterprises is filled with awesome people collaborating on making a Philadelphia’s fan experience better. IMG_3843.jpg

My future aspirations is to be an entrepreneur and possibly work for or around the Sixers. Whether it be the social media side like I am now, or becoming an analyst, writer, or front office member. I am excited to continue on a future with WegrynENT and PHLSixersNation as we enter a new age of Sixers Basketball and IMG_3842 Sports. It’s extremely humbling to be able to get my name out there with WegrynENT and hopefully, we can grow and make a difference in the community. 

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Go Sixers!


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