Philadelphia Sports Nation September Spotlight – Social Admin: Lizzie Nguyen

Hi everyone! My name is Lizzie Nguyen. I am a social media admin and part-time writer for WegENT and Philadelphia Sports Nation.

My dad likes to joke that I knew what a touchdown was before I even knew how to spell the word itself. My love for Philadelphia sports stems from the fact that my family hails from Oreland, a suburb just a hop, skip, and a jump northwest of Center City.

I must admit that being an out-of-network fan hasn’t always been easy. I live in northern Virginia, an area dominated by a mishmash of fans belonging to the Baltimore and Washington fandoms. I’ve always been that token friend whose team hadn’t won any Super Bowl rings or Stanley Cups for ages—thankfully—up until 2018.

I’ve had the pleasure of being a WegENT and PHLSN contributor since August 2018, honing prior writing and social media experience from journalism and various other clubs at school. I am the Instagram admin for our Eagles and Flyers Nation pages over at @eaglesnationphl and @flyersnationphl. I also occasionally help with the WegENT and PHLSN Instagram pages. Starting last season, I author a weekly fantasy football column for the main WegENT website.

Outside of WegENTand PHLSN, I am a current high school senior. I’ve already begun the process of applying to colleges. As many of you can attest to, mapping out the future is a pretty daunting process. Thankfully, I know that I want to major in kinesiology or exercise science at a four-year university next fall, which perfectly blends my fascination in sports and health sciences.

Before signing off, I’d like to give a quick shout-out to the bloggers and social media admins who make working for WegENT and PHLSN so amazing. Our Slack chat never ceases to be abuzz whenever an intense game is on air or an intriguing headline breaks out. Our awesome followers are the reason why we keep pushing to deliver the latest and greatest content. Thank you for all your input and witty interactions—they are greatly appreciated.

*This is Lizzie Nguyen’s 1st WegENT Spotlight Selection

Philadelphia Sports Nation September Spotlight – Blogger: Dylan Pearlman

I was brought up on Philly sports since as long ago as I can remember. Luckily my dad, who introduced me to sports from a young age, brought me up the right way and helped me start loving Philadelphia and our sports teams. I was born in 1994, so my first real memories of sports came in the early 2000s. I have fond memories of growing up with the likes of Brian Dawkins, Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook on the Eagles, Keith Primeau, Mark Recchi and John LeClair on the Flyers, Allen Iverson carried the Sixers to the NBA Finals, and the ever-so-fun early 2000’s Phillies teams with the likes of Bobby Abreu, Pat Burrell, and a very young group of up-and-comers; some dudes named Utley, Rollins and Howard. Ever heard of them? Anyway, my first love was the Phillies. My family had season tickets for the Phils from 2002 all the way through 2012 or 2013, right around when the “Golden Era” came to an end. I went from not being able to see over people at the Phillies games at 8 years old at the Vet to eventually having season tickets in the Hall of Fame Club at Citizens Bank Park. I’ve had the absolute honor of being present for some of the greatest games in Phillies history. The last game at the Vet, the first regular-season game at CBP, the first playoff game there in ‘07, Shane Victorino’s grand slam off of CC Sabathia in the ‘08 NLDS, the first World Series game at CBP (Game 3 against the Rays with Chooch’s walk-off dribbler), the NLCS-clinching win against the Dodgers in 2009, Roy Halladay’s playoff no-hitter in 2010, and more. Yes, I’ve gotten extremely lucky. Also, I was of course at the 2008 World Series parade, where my dad just dropped me off in the middle of City Hall for me to eventually somehow find some friends after walking around aimlessly by myself for a while. I even got first dibs at a ticket to be in CBP as a season-ticket holder for the famous Chase Utley “WFC” speech. Of course, I have to add that I was obviously present for the more-recent Eagles super bowl parade. It’s safe to say that my passion for the Phillies and Philly sports as a whole has come from all the incredible moments I’ve been lucky enough to witness during my almost 26 years on this Earth. I’m truly blessed to be a part of these fanbases, which seem more like family.

So here’s a little bit more about me. I am 25 years old and I currently live in Philadelphia, in the Somerton area (Philmont Heights, almost right next to the Philmont train station). I’ve only been here for a couple months, as I grew up in Bensalem, PA, basically right next to Northeast Philly for those who might not know, about a half-hour from the stadiums in South Philly. I am a graduate of Bensalem High School (‘12) and Temple University (‘17), where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the Klein College of Media & Communications (Formerly known purely as SMC, School of Media & Communications, when I was there). I pursued this degree with hopes of finding a career in Sports Media, but have yet to find my way. I currently work for an incredible company called SEMrush, which is an all-in-one SEO/Digital Marketing software that gives you the tools to help with your SEO strategy such as Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Domain Health Checks, and many more amongst 6 different toolkits with multiple tools in each, plus a Reports section to generate PDF reports and a Projects section to analyze your website and help optimize your content and improve your rankings on Google! If something does come up in my field one day, this company will make it tough for me to leave. I have been with SEMrush for 4 months now, but you’d think I’ve been there way longer. Before SEMrush, I worked at Outback Steakhouse in Bensalem from the time I turned 17 to when I started at SEMrush, which is a little more than 8 years. I’ve also had a couple other jobs in between, one as an inside sales rep and the other doing social media for an upstart basketball scores and stats app. Those didn’t work out, but it all happened for a reason, as I’m extremely happy where I’m at now. Outside of work, my passions and hobbies include of course sports, music, movies, and hanging out with friends. My favorite music would come from the likes of Phish and the Grateful Dead, so I’m a soulful hippie underneath all this sports stuff. I played baseball, soccer, and basketball throughout my whole childhood, and I still play beer league softball to get my fix in without having to be in the same shape I used to be in. Needless to say, my 25-year-old self could never catch up to the athlete I was through high school. Above all else, I am truly a sports Phanatic (pun totally intended), and I always told myself that I would one day put all my previously useless sports knowledge to use. Philadelphia Sports Nation has allowed me to do so for the last few years, but I’m still looking for my big break! All in all, I’m just your normal 25-year-old guy looking to make the most out of this whole life thing.

I have been with Wegryn Enterprises and Philadelphia Sports Nation for the better part of the last 3 years. I was a follower of the Philadelphia Sports Nation account(s) before I started, and I just happened to come across a post that the site was looking for some new Twitter admins. During my time here I’ve been lucky enough to be able to go from a Twitter/FB Admin to a Phillies Blogger, to the Phils Nation Section Manager. I was just like anyone else who follows our page, a loyal Philly sports fan who loved to see content coming from fans just like myself. I lucked out because I was still in school at Temple at the time, and I was able to use the Phillies Nation/Philadelphia Sports Nation as my internship for credits. I’m so glad I was able to use this as my internship instead of being forced into something that I wouldn’t have enjoyed near as much. I am one of the longest-tenured people still hanging around with WE/PHLSN, and that’s because I really just enjoy everything I do here. My dream job would be running social media for the Phillies, and although it’s on a smaller scale, I have the opportunity to kind of live that out here. I love the camaraderie amongst myself and the rest of the team here as well. It really is interesting that I haven’t actually met most of the people at PHLSN face-to-face, but just from interacting through our Slack channels, I feel like I know some of these people so well. The combination of the great people I get to work with and having the ability to do what I love is what keeps me contributing for Phils Nation, even with a full-time job and also another part-time job in tow in addition to being the Phils Nation SM.

I really just want to be happy in the future, and loving what I do is a big part of that. “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I’ve been living by this quote since the end of high school, and I’ve been searching for something that I love to make into a profession ever since. I really love what I’m doing right now at SEMrush, and in the more immediate future, I plan to work hard where I’m at now and keep learning every day and I hope to see myself move up through the company when the time is right. Further on down the line, I do see myself finally squeezing my way into the sports media field. I’ve wanted to do this for so long that I honestly can’t see this all not coming to fruition eventually if I’m willing to put the work in and keep my eye on the prize. I aspire to one day see myself where I have all along, getting paid for my useless sports knowledge, as I’ve always said to myself. I hope I can combine everything I’ve learned from PHLSN, SEMrush, and all of my other experiences in life to one day find myself where I’ve wanted to be since the start. Hopefully one day I’m able to say that I made it into the sports field, as being able to be around baseball someway somehow as a profession would be the ultimate dream. What that might be specifically is something that is beyond me right now, and it could eventually be anything from social media to reporting, heck, to bat boy if I get the chance!

*This is Dylan Pearlman’s 1st WegENT Spotlight Selection

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