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Team game, which is baseball, is known not only in America. Poles also play it. A baseball is a must-have for a baseball player. What is worth knowing about her? What will be the best?
Mattinglybaseball gives you the detailed info on tips and tricks on baseball.

It’s not certain where baseball really comes from. Perhaps the beginning of this game was cricket. First of all, Americans love him. It was on the American continent that baseball became popular, and was even called the national phenomenon, especially after World War II. Baseball matches take place on special pitches in the form of a circular section with two separate areas: infield and outfield. It is on the first of them that there are four bases that an attacking player must get to get a point. Baseball is primarily associated with a baseball bat, but baseball is also necessary equipment without which neither baseball training nor any match could take place.

ji-5c-20long-5c_41866326.pngBaseball: Game Rules

Baseball is about accumulating points. How is this done? You need to get all four bases. During the match, each team alternates between the attacking side (the team at bat) and the defending side (fielding team). The batter’s task is to bounce the ball thrown by the pitcher with a stick in such a way as to make it difficult for the opposing team to catch it. When a baseball flies in the air, the batter throws the bat and rushes to the first base. He must touch it sooner than the base guard from the opposing team – but first, baseball must reach the guard, previously hit by a batter. If the ball is thrown very far, e.g. behind the sidelines of the pitch, then the player of the attacking team can even pass all four bases simultaneously.

Basic Baseball Concepts

If you want to play baseball or just watch it, it’s worth learning the basic terminology. This will allow you to observe or participate in competitions with greater understanding.

What terms are used in baseball?

Baseball diamond

This is how a baseball field is defined, i.e. a segment of a circle with an opening angle of 90 degrees.


It’s just throwing the ball. The term pitcher comes from this verb. This player is especially valuable for the team if he can make good throws.


It’s catching the ball. From this verb comes the “catcher,” or catcher. A baseball must be successfully caught by the catcher who takes the place beyond the batter.

Home run

A hit in which a baseball flies very far, beyond the extreme fence. Then the batter can freely pass all four bases. Points are also scored by other players occupying the base.

What is a baseball made of?

Baseball is a product that a baseball player must not miss. These training are quite cheap, so there is no problem to stock up on new products when the previous ones get damaged. The construction of a baseball is quite unusual. Balls of this type are distinguished by a very characteristic stitch that connects the shell of the ball. It is usually red. Thanks to this feature, baseball can be easily recognized among other such products.

Baseball balls are covered with two stitched leather straps, e.g. horse or cowhide. It must be white. It’s best to choose balls made of grain leather that is resistant to dirt and moisture. Veneering is covering the skin with special waxes at the production stage. Thanks to this skin, the balls are also very durable. If someone wants a cheaper product, they can buy a plastic-coated ball. A baseball has an inside filled with rubber or cork, and sometimes both.

The best balls are also the ones that have the right size and weight as defined by official baseball rules. A baseball should have a circumference of 9 to 9.25 inches and a weight of 5 oz to 5.25 oz, where oz means an ounce. However, you can buy smaller products, e.g. for children. Seams are also important. They can be flat, raised or curled.

Raised seams are the best choice for beginners because they make it easier to control the ball. The MLB uses balls with rolled seams, i.e. rolled up.

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