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Dallas Sports Nation – November Spotlight – Social Admin: Kari Wheeler

Hi! My name is Kari Wheeler and I contribute to Stars Nation Twitter.
*This is Kari Wheeler’s 1st WegENT Spotlight Selection

Image-from-iOS-2622320847-1575782847513.pngGrowing up in Upstate New York, I get a lot of questions on how I became a Dallas Stars fan and instead of giving this long backstory, I simply answer with “The Tyler Seguin trade.” I lived in a very Boston Bruins fans only household but could never really get into them, then Tyler Seguin got traded to the Dallas Stars and I decided to give them a chance to get me to really engage with the NHL. I will feel forever blessed that I did. I fell in love with the team and fell in love with the energy from the fans at the AAC just from watching games through my laptop screen. 

A little while after becoming a fan I joined twitter so I could interact with other Stars fans since it was very impossible to meet some in Upstate NY. Stars Nation was actually the first Dallas Stars related account that I followed and I continued to be an engaging follower so I could not only learn more about the team but also meet other fans. In January 2019, I saw that Stars Nation posted a tweet looking for Twitter admins and without even thinking about it, I applied. I tried not getting my hopes up even though I checked my email daily, waiting and hoping for a response. I’ll never forget the excitement (and nervousness) I felt when I got the email that I was chosen to be a Twitter admin. Joining the Stars Nation team will always be one of my best decisions because I met some amazing people that I’m so lucky to call friends and I get to interact with followers who share the same love, appreciation, and excitement for the Stars as I do. 

I’m currently in my Junior year of college, working on getting my Bachelor’s degree for Media Productions. Image from iOS (2) Senior year will be spent mostly just doing General Education credits and because of how much I love being on Stars Nation, I decided to use those credits to concentrate on Sports Media. My aspiration is to be a film editor but of course, not everyone comes out of college and instantly becomes what they really aspire to be, you always have to start somewhere small and work yourself up and I really want that start to be in sports.

Without Stars Nation, I’d probably still have zero idea what I want to do after college. I wouldn’t have met all the amazing friends I have who are the whole reason I’m able to go to Dallas, Texas for the first time to see my guys play in the Winter Classic! #GoStars!

Dallas Sports Nation November Spotlight – Blogger: John Moore (The Recliner Nerd)

Hi everyone! My name is John Moore and I am a Blogger for Rangers Nation.
*This is John Moore’s 1st WegENT Spotlight Selection

Writing an article about yourself is quite a difficult thing to do! We all enjoy accolades, but being humble is something I have strived for. So when Dallas Sports Nation, (DSN,) asked me to write an article about myself I was a little intimidated. How do I present myself as humble when I am completely awesome! I mean I must be, since I am now a credentialed media member and blogger for the Texas Rangers at DSN. I also host the Rangers Nation Podcast. But I’ll tell you more about the reality of how I got started.

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When writing my first half a dozen articles for Dallas Sports Nation, no matter what the subject or topic, I would always poke fun at myself as I was wrapping things up stating something like, “What do I know? I am sitting in my recliner with Cheeto dust all over my chest.” Eventually I took on the moniker, “The Recliner Nerd,” as I continued to spew nerdy baseball knowledge from my recliner. My actual name is John Moore and I am married to my beautiful wife Kathy. We have three kids, Ally (21), Ryan (14) and Kevin (12). We live in Richardson, Texas. My full time job is in real estate and real estate investing, but I have been blessed to not only have a career I love but now also the opportunity to share my baseball ramblings.

How did my Texas Rangers fandom first start? In 1974 my now deceased grandfather and father took me and my uncle to our first Texas Ranger game. I fell in love instantly with baseball. Since 1974 I have attended many games each year. When I wasn’t at a game I was listening to games on the radio. My uncle, little brother and I would act out the game with a Nerf ball and old wooden bat. If Jim Sunberg hit a HR on the radio, we would trot the bases in the driveway. If the Rangers somehow made it on TV for a game of the week, we were all sitting two feet from the tube watching Toby Harrah, Tom Grieve, Mike Hargrove, and Jeff Burrows attempt to beat Yaz and the Red Sox or Lou Pinella and the Yankees. I remember seeing Hank Aaron playing at Arlington Stadium. The San Diego Chicken was a must-see when he came to town. We would pack our own hot dogs and get cotton candy if our dad would let us. Yep, I loved baseball and the Rangers were my team.

How did I get started with Wegryn? A little over a year ago I received an email asking if I had ever thought about blogging for the Texas Rangers. I had never blogged before, but I read all the blogs and articles about the Texas Rangers and I was definitely interested. A few days after responding I received an application to fill out. About a week later I received the news that I was an approved Texas Ranger blogger. I jumped in feet first and started having a blast. Soon I inquired about the Rangers Nation Podcast that was on the Dallas Sports Nation website. Turns out they needed a host and they asked if I was interested. I was interested, but hosting a podcast was something I had never done before. I gave it a try, and the rest has become history.T2P6Q9YNL-UD5PCU9A8-8887462f409b-512.png

What are my aspirations? My most important goals are to be a good husband and father and to love the Lord with all my heart. In regards to blogging and podcasting, I aspire to be a respected opinion to anyone who is a fan of the Rangers. I also dream of being “known” within the Rangers press box. I don’t need to be popular; but it sure feels good to have my favorite Texas Rangers voices say, “Hello John.”

Well, that’s me. If you like it, great. If not, well I guess that’s great also. Because I don’t do this to be popular. I do this for the love of the game and a chance to live out a dream from my younger days.

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