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Philadelphia Sports Nation November Spotlight – Social Admin: Ryan Hall

Hi! My name is Ryan Hall and I contribute to Union Nation Twitter.
*This is Ryan Hall’s 1st WegENT Spotlight Selection

Image from iOSMy entire life I have bled Philly sports. Growing up in Northern Delaware, I loved watching the Sixers, Phils, Eagles, and Flyers. One of my favorite memories is being there in person at the Linc when they dropped the Super Bowl Banner. Now I won’t lie, I haven’t been following the Union since day one. I knew almost nothing about soccer until summer 2014 when I happened to switch to a World Cup game out of boredom. Watching the USMNT make the run that they did was amazing and seeing the stars of the sport all compete on the same stage, I fell in love immediately. It left me wondering, where can I get more of this action? Which led me to the Philadelphia Union. From the very first game, I attended; I couldn’t get enough. I know the Union doesn’t get the publicity or coverage of the other 4 big teams, but man they deserve it, especially after the year they had. Any fan of sports needs to get down to Talen Energy Stadium and listen to the Sons of Ben get as loud as a sold-out Linc. Being at a Union game has a family feel to it.Image from iOS (1)

Which led me to want to be able to interact with fans in some way. That led me here. I needed a way to connect and share my feelings about the Union, which led me to Union Nation. From live-tweeting games to debate with other fans, I love being involved and having other people to talk with about the teams I love.

As for my future, well, I am currently a Junior at Goldey-Beacom College, studying Business concentrated in Sports Management. My dream job would to work with really any Philly sports team. Whatever my future holds, I can promise you I will be involved in sports in some capacity.

Philadelphia Sports Nation October Spotlight – Blogger: Ethan Prosser

Hi everyone! My name is Ethan Prosser. I am a Blogger for Phillies Nation.
*This is Ethan Prosser’s 1st WegENT Spotlight Selection

Ethan Prosser

I am probably the only fanatic Phillies fan who lives in Minnesota. My sports fandom stems from growing up playing sports and watching football and Nascar on Sunday with my family. I have a European football approach to my sports fandom – there is no player or manager bigger than the club and crest on the jersey. No matter the result you always support the team you follow. I can thank my college professor Carl Gustaf Scott for this mindset and introducing me to European football hooligans.  Looking back, I should have known I was going to be hooked when I was more interested in sports results as a kid than cartoons. I must thank my mom for having Vikings season tickets as a kid. I remember going to games and loving how loud the old Metrodome used to be. Sorry mom, but I’m not a Vikings fan.

It was incredibly easy to fall in love with the Phillies in the early 2000s. Everybody wanted to be Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, or Barry Bonds, but I wanted to be Pat Burrell. Watching the Phillies win the World Series in 2008 was the cherry on top and spiraled me down a never-ending rabbit hole. The Phillies were truly my first love. I even mentioned them in my vows to my wife and she got to experience the fanaticism fully when we went to Philly together in 2018. IMG-9326.jpg

I got started working with Wegryn in September of 2018 and started covering the Phillies that offseason. I saw a posting on Bleacher Report via twitter that they were looking to hire bloggers for the upcoming season, and I decided to take a leap of faith and apply. My aspirations in my career are to leverage the experience I have covering the Phillies with Wegryn to work fulltime with an eSports organization or in baseball.  I look forward to using the 2019 season to build a brand for myself on social media and find a co-host to do a Phillies podcast.  Besides the Phillies, you can catch me early on the weekends rooting for the best North London football team Tottenham Hotspur.

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