As the new season started, a lot of people hyped up the Denver Nuggets as the contender team to look towards when it comes to upset plays and many have come to the conclusion that they might just be the next big thing.

However, as the league progressed, people were a bit disappointed at their performance. They pointed to the several bad performances that Jokic has had in the series. And while Joker really didn’t start breaking records in November, December was when he really started to shine.

It’s true that people were too quick to throw the Denver Nuggets out the window after their lackluster performance in November. But the players seem to have really hit their form in the current month and now we can really see what a tough team they can really be as they handed the Lakers a stunning defeat on Sunday.

With a 24 lead to end it, the Nuggets were on top of the game during the entire series and Lakers really didn’t have an answer to the defense that the Nuggets put forward. It was an incredible showing from all the players on that team.

Of course, we need to take into account the fact that LeBron James, the prized player of the Lakers isn’t playing. That has hurt their performance in recent times, but with such a vast array of talented players, it’s still incredible to see how amazing the Nuggets really are. Jokic averaged more points and assists than in December and on the Sunday match, he truly showed us his old playstyle as he served as an amazing center but also showed up as the team’s playmaker. It was an absolutely stunning performance from the Nuggets’ center.

Jayson Tatum also went big in the Sunday game as he scored 39 points. He has never had the chance to net 40 points in a single game, and on Sunday he came quite close to that which only attests to the rising performance of these star players in the Nuggets.

It’s clear that teams should give more respect to this team as it’s clearly not one that they should take lightly going forward. The Nuggets can’t be played so easily like they’re Free Online Porn Games. You have to give respect to this team going forward.

Many analysts have noted the impeccable defense of the Nuggets as one of the prime factors to their success in the NBA league. With that in mind, it’s obvious that teams are going to need to think of newer and more creative methods to break through that defense if they ever encounter this team in the league going forward.

And if you’re looking to enjoy a good Nuggets game, then you should probably play some Best Porn Games before that in order to chill and relax cause these contender and challenger games can definitely be quite the nerve-wracking experience.

Featured Image: Matthew Stockman / Getty Images
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