Dallas Sports Nation – December Spotlight – Social Admin: Skylar Oliver

Hi! My name is Skylar Oliver and I contribute to Cowboys Nation Twitter.
*This is Skylar Oliver’s 1st WegENT Spotlight Selection

35AB2BF4-F73E-4856-AB1E-4B67C7BB4003.JPGHey! My name is Skylar Oliver and I am a Twitter Admin for Cowboys Nation. I am from Memphis, Tennessee and I am currently a senior journalism major at the University of Memphis, Go Tigers!

I have been a Cowboys fan pretty much my whole life. My dad was a University of Miami fan back when Jimmy Johnson coached the team and when he was hired as coach of the Cowboys my dad decided to follow him with his fandom. As a kid I grew up watching Dallas games and received my first jersey, an Aikman jersey, when I was maybe ten years old.

As I got older I began to pay a lot more attention to the games and players and my fandom probably hit a new level around the time I was in high school and I began to really study the games. I also started to tweet a lot about the games as I watched them. My twitter account basically turned into a Dallas fan page. This past year I also attended my first Cowboys game in Dallas when they played the Dolphins. I promise when I watched the team I’ve followed since childhood run out of that tunnel I almost cried.

IMG_1032.jpegI started college in 2015 and after exploring several majors and then transferring to the University of Memphis I decided I wanted to study something that could get me into a sports media field. My advisor stuck me into journalism and I have loved it. I started working for the school newspaper and did some sports reporting.

I got started with Wegryn a couple months ago when I saw a post on the Cowboys Nation account looking for people to be bloggers and social media admin for them. I applied to too be a twitter admin. It would be good experience for my major and I already tweet so much about the Cowboys I figured I may as well do it on an account where I would actually have an audience. A few days later I got an email that I had been selected for the position and I was ecstatic. I remember when I first logged into the account it was a great feeling to be posting to such a large audience.

62934EEC-1EE7-4B66-97FC-499B114335EB.JPGMy goal once I graduate college is to work for the Cowboys on their media team. I know that is a pretty large goal, but I feel like if I’m confident I can speak it into existence. If I don’t get that job immediately I would like to work in a media department for either an NFL team or sports network. I am hoping the work I do on the Cowboys Nation twitter account will be something I can show people later on and who knows maybe I’ll be running the actual Cowboys twitter account one day.

Dallas Sports Nation December Spotlight – Blogger: Ismael Belkoura

Hi everyone! My name is Ismael Belkoura and I am a Blogger for FC Dallas Nation.
*This is Ismael Belkoura’s 1st WegENT Spotlight Selection

Ismael 1.pngI’ve been a fan of soccer my whole life. I have a picture on my refrigerator of me playing soccer with my cousin as toddlers, and I still remember sitting on the couch with my family screaming and shouting during the 2010 World Cup. I have played soccer in rec and select clubs for my entire life and hope to continue as long as I can.

My fandom for FC Dallas started around the same time as the World Cup. I attended my first match in 2011 knowing nothing of the club or MLS. I was immediately drawn, and in 2013, I became a full-fledged fan, going to multiple games a year. I also became a fan of the league shortly thereafter, as I was awed by the growth of play and quality of the league.

My desire to write my opinions and feelings on FC Dallas lead me to Dallas Sports Nation and Wengryn. I had written a couple of articles for Bigdsoccer as a fan for fun, but I wanted a platform that allowed me to vent my feelings and frustrations as a fan, and Wegryn gave me that.Ismael 2.png

It also allowed me to pursue my future aspirations, which is a career in journalism, Entering my final semester in high school, I’ve decided to pursue Journalism and Political Science when I enter college. After that, I’ll just take the road that life has set for me, and just follow what I desire to do, which is to write for others.


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