Over the course of 2019, we here at Wegryn Enterprises (WegENT) have loved connecting, interacting, and engaging with our audience on a regular basis across our site and various social media platforms.

cropped-AnitaBlack-4.pngSince launching this WegENT network in November 2014, we’ve taken great strides in our coverage.

Let’s review some of the highlights from 2019.

All stats up to date as of 1/10/2019.

  • Total WegENT Network Site Views: 570,183+ (+153.4%/to 2018)

  • Total WegENT Network Social Audience: 286,201+ (+144.6%/to 2018)

Year in Reviews, by City

Facebook: 91,160


Top 3 Online Referrers (FB & TW non-included)

  1. Search Engine
  2. Reddit
  3. Instagram

Top 5 Viewing Countries Outside of the U.S. (descending order)

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Phillippines
  4. Australia
  5. Mexico

Top 5 Listened to WegENT Network Podcasts (descending order)

  1. Inside the Birds
  2. Bears Nation Podcast
  3. Rangers Nation Podcast
  4. Birds Banter
  5. Garbage into Gold

Top 10 Viewed WegENT Network Bloggers (descending order)

  1. Andrew Robinson, Phils Nation, PHLSportsNation
  2. Logan Banker, Eagles Nation, PHLSportsNation
  3. Ethan Prosser, Phils Nation, PHLSportsNation
  4. Vincent Romeo, Bears Nation, CHISportsNation
  5. John Moore, Rangers Nation, DALSportsNation
  6. Rylan Coulter, Mavericks Nation, DALSportsNation
  7. Shaunak Nadkarni, Eagles Nation, PHLSportsNation
  8. Chris Frasier, Mavericks Nation, DALSportsNation
  9. Trevor Hipsher, Cubs Nation, CHISportsNation
  10. Erin Nicole Conti, Islanders Nation, NYCSportsNation

Top 10 Viewed WegENT Network Articles (descending order)

  1. If You’re off the Wentz Wagon Now, Don’t Ever Come Back, PHLSportsNation
  2. Bargain Free Agents for the Phillies to Target, PHLSportsNation

  3. It’s Time for Gabe Kapler to Go, PHLSportsNation

  4. Meet Soon to be Chicago Bear: Tevin Coleman, CHISportsNation

  5. With Harper Finally Signed, What’s Next for the Phillies?, PHLSportsNation

  6. Riley Ridley: The Next Great Slot WR of the NFL, CHISportsNation

  7. Gabe Kapler Is Not the Problem with the Phillies, PHLSportsNation

  8. Jalen Brunson: Hiding in Plain Sight, DALSportsNation

  9. Houston, We Have A Problem!, DALSportsNation

  10. Eagles Will Look at Signing a WR Following Desean Jackson’s Re-Injury – Here Are Some Options, PHLSportsNation

And of course, thanks to our wonderful managers…

Philadelphia Sports Nation

Chicago Sports Nation

Dallas Sports Nation

New York Sports Nation

Boston Sports Nation

Bay Area Sports Nation

Thank you to all our WegENT fans and audience! We do this every day, for you – THE FAN!
Wegryn Enterprises – Enhancing Your Sports Fan Experience


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