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The first-ever virtual NFL draft completed its first round on Thursday night.
This was certainly a different experience for the viewers, but, excluding one or two awkward silences, everything seemed to run smoothly.

The draft missed the raw reaction, the walks up to the stage, and the sometimes violent embraces with Roger Goodell, but despite those absences, the virtual draft was really fun(ny) to watch.

Let’s examine the winners and losers of the first round of the NFL Virtual Draft.


1) CeeDee Lamb’s Girlfriend

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As Lamb was on one of his two phones with the Cowboys, moments after getting drafted, his girlfriend reached over and grabbed the phone that Lamb was not using.

Lamb was not distracted and he snatched it right back.  Good try ma’am.

2) Personal Backstories

After almost every pick, there seemed to be a downer moment that lessened the mood quite a bit.  After a player was picked, ESPN talked about his actual playing a lot less than they talked about a really sad story about him or his family.  I get it, it’s important and it’s inspiring but it was really sad to watch.

3) Roger Goodell’s Joke

Throughout the night, Goodell poked fun at the lack of boo’s he would get due to the virtual draft.  He made this joke quite a few times and it was funny the first time. OK Roger, we get it, nobody likes you.


1) Jerry Jones

Jerry was drafting from inside his yacht, which is the most Jerry Jones thing he could do.  While others were in their offices or living rooms, he got to watch the best receiver in the draft fall into his lap from his boat. It has been a long time since we got to call Jerry Jones a winner, so there you go.

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2) Kliff Kingsbury

The Cardinals head coach accidentally had the biggest flex of the draft. After Arizona made their pick, we got a pretty outstanding view of Kingsbury’s home.  If you saw it, I guarantee you know what I am talking about. Kliff was plopped down on his white sofa and the camera caught a glimpse at his backyard which included a fireplace in the middle of the yard, which just so happened to be lit, a refreshing looking pool, and a great view of the Arizona mountains.   Kliff stole the show by sitting on his couch.

3) Henry Ruggs

After being selected 12th overall by the Las Vegas Raiders the broadcast switched over to his home broadcast where we got to see his very impressive draft outfit.  Under normal circumstances, players have a pre-determined draft day fit, but nothing about the world right now is normal, so Henry Ruggs threw on a bathrobe and called it a day. What’s the point of dressing up when you are quarantined?

4) The Vrabel Household

As the Titans made their selection, we got a look inside the head coach, Mike Vrabel’s home.  So much is going on.

First of all, you have one of his sons wearing a very tight, Titans-blue, piece of clothing.  I do not even know what to call it. The other son is sporting his football jersey and is also rocking a mullet.  Now, by looking at the picture you may wonder, what else is there to look at.  If you look closely, you will see somebody sitting on the toilet.  It is unknown if this was an accident or if it was a bit, but either way, we love it.

5) Roger Goodell’s Closet

Roger Goodell’s closet saw some good action on Thursday night as the commissioner changed clothes at some point during the first round.  He lost the jacket and added the sweater.

6) Sports Fans

For the first time in a long time, we get to watch a live sporting event, and although it is not the same as the draft usually is, it is still a lot of fun and provides a slight sense of normalcy.

Overall it was refreshing to have sports on the TV and the virtual aspect went smoothly.
The draft will continue Friday and Saturday for the remaining rounds.

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