Written by: Tim LaDuca

Ángel Macías and his Little League teammates were treated as national heroes in Mexico after they became the first international team to win the Little League World Series in 1957.

Macías had thrown the first perfect game in Little League World Series history and along with being enshrined in Mexican history, he and his teammates also received scholarships and other opportunities back home.

The Little League World Series is a fun event for sure, but sporting events like that and many more can be studied for deeper meaning. I believe sports should be studied in history, but for some reason, they are often looked past during research.

According to Sam Riches at PacificStandard.com, sports help study, “family, politics, law, the economy-while also reinforcing inequalities, providing a platform for issues of race, gender, social stratification, and social change.”

I decided to study how baseball affected how Mexicans shaped their identity in a podcast for the Yankees Nation Podcast titled, “Baseball in Mexico: How a Sport Shaped an Identity”.

You can listen to it on any podcast platform, below

Featured Image: Little League Baseball
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