Dallas Sports Nation April Spotlight – Blogger: Dlayne Walton

Hi! My name is Dlayne Walton and I am a blogger for Cowboys Nation.
*This is Dlayne Walton’s 1st WegENT Spotlight Selection

DWalton2Growing up, I actually didn’t care about sports at all. Every Sunday, I would hear my family yell and scream for 3 hours and I would just hideaway in my room. It wasn’t until the NFL’s 2014 season when I finally decided to see what the noise was about. I started to get into football, and when I got into it, I fell into it. Hard. I started watching anything about the Dallas Cowboys just to learn more. It was shocking to me, especially, because the only time I ever involved myself in anything sports-related was when the Dallas Mavericks won the championship in 2011. And even then, I barely cared. My quick, growing love for football tumbled over into other sports, and I was finally able to say I was a sports fan. Not even a year later, I found myself screaming to the tv just like my parents.

My way into Wegryn Enterprises was actually kind of simple. This was during that devastating 180 that the Cowboys took during the 2019 season, and I was honestly upset and looking to rant about the team. I was scrolling through Twitter, like I normally do, and I saw that Wegryn Enterprises were looking for bloggers. I had never written DWalton1anything before, but I thought that if this is something that I really cared about, it shouldn’t be too hard to write about. I remember the article I sent in to be reviewed. I thought it was absolutely terrible, so I was a little taken aback when I saw the email that I was accepted as a blogger.

My aspirations change depending on what mood I’m in and what grade I get from my anatomy quiz that week, but I currently go to Baylor University. I am a junior studying Sports Management and Health Science specializing in a master’s degree in Athletic Training. My absolute dream would be to become an athletic trainer on any major Dallas sports team, but I’m open to anywhere else also.

Dallas Sports Nation April Spotlight – Social Media Admin: Amy Warner

Hi everyone! My name is Amy Warner and I am a Social Admin and Blogger for Stars Nation.
*This is Amy Warner’s 1st WegENT Spotlight Selection

With RoopeAs far as sports go, hockey is my greatest love.  I’m from Dallas and unfortunately grew up before we had an NHL team.  My first introduction to hockey was actually a beer league game in 1992 during a two-year stay in Los Angeles, CA. I distinctly remember being amazed by what the players could do while on ice wearing blades and the smell when they came off the ice.  When I moved back home in 1994, I attended my first Dallas Stars game and it quickly became one of my favorite activities.  The contrast between the gracefulness on ice and the toughness of the game fascinated me.  I was absolutely thrilled when my son started playing hockey four years ago and I’m a very proud hockey mom.

I found DALSportsNation and Wegryn Enterprises when I started following Stars Nation on Twitter in the summer of 2019.  Hockey had become a major entity in my life between the Stars, my son playing year-round, and Hockey Twitter.  When I saw the opportunity Stars Nation was offering to become a part of their team, I was excited about the thoughtWith Grubes of exploring the world of hockey through more creative endeavors.   What originally started off as tweeting one day a week has morphed into blogging, podcasting, and videos about hockey analytics. I’ve also become an avid hockey photographer and I’m always trying to get that perfect shot I can share with Stars Nation.

I’ve discovered I really like the research and interviewing that goes into the human interest stories that surround hockey and hope to continue developing those skills.  Pushing myself out of my comfort zone has led to some incredible opportunities I never would have had without the backing of Wegryn. I’ve met many wonderful and knowledgeable people on this journey who have offered insight and support when I felt like I had no idea what I was doing.  I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Featured Image: DALSportsNation
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