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The National Basketball Association (NBA) fans are getting excited since the sports tournament is pushing through its 2019-2020 playoffs next month.

The NBA Board of Governors has successfully agreed to finally come up with a plan to set the event on July 31, 2020. The league was initially scheduled to happen last April 18. However, it was terminated due to the dangers brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the Toronto Raptors as the defending champion, the NBA playoffs this year will have twenty-two teams that will play in eight regular seasons. It will be the basis of the seeding process, which will still come in the usual format.  Automatically, the team that won the most games in every conference will proceed to the playoffs.

Now that the NBA playoffs season will start, the excitement fills in the senses of every sports bettor and basketball enthusiasts.

As this event begins to move forward next month, here are some of the teams with the highest probability of proceeding to the NBA playoffs. 

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Brooklyn Nets

With current -1900 odds value (YES) and +900 odds (NO), the Brooklyn Nets will battle out in their conference to either proceed to the NBA playoffs this year or not. They will represent the Eastern Conference in the Atlantic Division.

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San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs take a current odds value of +1100 (YES) and -3000 (NO) as they wrestle for the upcoming NBA playoffs. They will represent the Western Conference in the Southwest Division with Gregg Popovich as head of this team.

Aside from that, the team is sponsored by Frost Bank and also coached by Gregg.

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns will work this year for the Western Conference in the Pacific Division. They will wrestle with the other teams in their conference to hopefully get a spot in the 2019-2020 NBA playoffs.

PayPal sponsors Phoenix Suns with Jayson Rowley as the President and Monty Williams as their head coach. Their current odds value is +5500 (YES) and -20000 (NO).

Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies take -155 odds (YES) and +125 (NO) in the current NBA sportsbook wagering game. This team will work for the Western Conference in the Southwest Division.

FedEx sponsors the Memphis Grizzlies and has Taylor Jenkins as their head coach.

New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans will also battle for the Western Conference in the Southwest Division. In the current sportsbook, their odds value to become part of the playoffs comes in +360 (YES) and -460 (NO).

The New Orleans Pelicans are sponsored by Zatarian’s. Their head coach is Alvin Gentry and Dennis Lauscha as the head.

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic will represent the Eastern Conference in the Southeast Division. They are also one of the teams playing this July to be part of the NBA playoffs current line up.

The team is sponsored by Walt Disney World, headed by Jeff Weltman, with Steve Clifford as their head coach. The current odds value for this team is -2000 (YES) and +1000 (NO).

Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers is currently holding a +460 (YES) and -600 (NO)odds value as they vie for a spot next month for the NBA playoffs. The team will represent the Western Conference in the Northwest Division with Terry Stotts as their head coach.

Portland Trail Blazers are sponsored by Performance Health and headed by Chris McGowan.

Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings will represent the Western Conference for the Pacific Division, hustling hard to be part of this year’s NBA playoffs.

The team is sponsored by Blue Diamond Growers and is headed by Vlade Divac with Luke Walton as their head coach. Their current odds value for a possible playoff position is +1300 (YES) and -3500 (NO).

Washington Wizards

The last team who gets the chance to hustle and grab an opportunity for an NBA playoff season this year are the Washington Wizards. Their current odds value is +950 (YES) and -1900 (NO).

The Washington Wizards are representing the Eastern Conference from the Southeast Division. This team will be sponsored by GEICO and headed by Tommy Sheppard. Head coach Scott Brooks will oversee the training of the team.

As the NBA playoffs season comes back big this July, fans and bettors alike are excited to watch a whole new season of the game and bet for their favorite entries. While it’s still a month away before the tournament commences, all NBA teams are now working double time to prepare for the playoffs season.

Therefore, as you anticipate for the NBA season this year, don’t hesitate to wager for the teams listed above that can possibly earn a sure spot in the playoffs and even the title this year.

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