Kylian Mbappe wants out of PSG.

It is the worst kept secret in football. For months Mbappe transfer rumors have littered message boards and tabloids with fans of the biggest clubs in the world hoping they can lure the young superstar into their grasp.

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: he is a superstar.

The two-time Ligue 1 top scorer, World Cup champion, and nine-time major trophy winner, has set the world on fire, leading to lofty comparisons with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. Every club in Europe is vying for his services, and but really there are two main suitors. Real Madrid and Liverpool are closely linked with an Mbappe transfer in 2021 with PSG setting the price for their prized striker at around £200 million.

Real Madrid, as one of the biggest and wealthiest clubs in the world, were always going to be in the running. On the other hand, his ties to Liverpool are a little more curious at first glance. But when you look closely, Mbappe would be a perfect fit for Jurgen Klopp and the Reds.

Liverpool have always been big spenders despite Klopp saying otherwise in an interview last month.

The champions of the Premier League spent close to £600 million over the past five years to build a team that is one of the best England has ever seen. I’d expect them to be willing to pay the hefty transfer fee if Mbappe wants to play at Anfield.

And that’s the key: Does Mbappe want to play in England?

There are a lot of advantages for him moving across the English Channel. The Premier League is the cream of the crop, the top echelon of world football. The competition is certainly better than what Mbappe is facing in Ligue 1 as is the world coverage. Footballers come to the Premier League when they are ready to take their careers to the next level. By all accounts, Mbappe is ready.

Klopp has been in constant contact with Mbappe’s father according to the Daily Mail. There’s not much coming out of Mbappe’s camp about his club preference but the admiration for the Reds is definitely there.

In a January interview, he said:

“What Liverpool do in this moment is amazing… they are like a machine.” Cue eyes emoji.

A move to Liverpool makes sense for Mbappe but what does a go at Mbappe single about how Klopp views his front three situations going forward.

A lineup of Sadio Mane, Mo Salah, and Firmino shouldn’t need improving right. Klopp often elects to put Salah and Mane on the wings with Firmino as the center forward. But consider the fact that all three of Liverpool’s current strikers are approaching 30 quickly. Mbappe would undoubtedly take one of those spots in the front three and with his high-end wage someone is going to have sold. Firmino has regressed in the last couple of seasons and replacing him with Mbappe makes sense.

Money without a doubt is the biggest issue here.

It takes years for most clubs to accumulate a transfer budget of £200 million. That large of a fee for one player is unheard of. With Mbappe expected to change clubs in next year’s summer transfer window, Liverpool will have to start selling players in January to get even close to the amount of money needed to sign the Frenchman.

Cash aside, this move makes all the sense in the world. Liverpool needs a young, dynamic forward. Mbappe needs a club that will put him on a pedestal for the world to see. Even as someone who actively roots against the Reds on a regular basis, I want to see Mbappe in the Premier League. Watching him play every week is a dream come true for every football fan.

So Jurgen Klopp, if you’re reading this, get the deal done!

Featured Image: Reuters
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