Since the beginning of the football season, the NFL put many precautions in place to avoid the spread of COVID.
The league has managed to keep infections down to almost zero so far, but that all started to change this week.

On September 24th, Titans defensive back Greg Mabin tested positive for COVID. On the 26th, linebacker coach Shane Bowen also tested positive. The Titans went ahead and played their game against the Vikings on the 27th, but Bowen and Mabin did not travel with the team.

By October 1st, the Titans had lost control of the situation. Eleven more players and personnel had come down with the disease and the NFL postponed their upcoming game against the Steelers. Luckily the Vikings have had no positive cases.

The outbreak in Tennessee was concerning, but so far, the spread was limited to one team. Until today, this morning the Patriots announced that Cam Newton, their quarterback, had tested positive for COVID.

The NFL quickly canceled the Patriots’ upcoming game against the Chiefs. The NBA canceled their season in the Spring after one team came down with COVID. Do NFL fans need to start worrying that the league might take the same approach?

Right now, the NFL still has the situation under control. Bye weeks allow the league to be flexible and just re-schedule games. So, two teams having to have games rescheduled is under control. The NFL has also said they have plans ready if entire weeks of games have to be canceled. They would even consider extending the season.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he expected this to happen at some point in the season.

“This is not unexpected. There will be players and staff who will test positive during the season.”

Goodell also announced that all referees who officiated in the Titans game will also be placed in quarantine and monitored for symptoms.

“Each of us has a special responsibility to keep others safe and healthy. What each of us does affects not only ourselves and our immediate families but many others on our own club and on other clubs” said Goodell.

So in short, the NFL considers the current situation with New England and Tennessee under control. They planned for this situation.
Fans should hold the panic for now.

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