Unless something incredibly dramatic occurs that changes the landscape of the franchise, the Chiefs look poised to be that empire for the foreseeable future.
Patrick Mahomes is only 25 and locked up under a 10-year $503-million contract, so the best player in the league isn’t going anywhere.

His favorite weapons, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce will be sticking around for a while too, Hill under contract until 2023 and Kelce until 2026. Even their two monsters on the defensive line, Frank Clark and Chris Jones, both got paid and are under contract until 2024. And the head coach we regard as the mastermind behind it all as one of the most innovative minds, Andy Reid, may be 62, but he just signed a 6-year extension. The Chiefs aren’t going to go away for a long time.

When a team is inevitably the overpowering force, we often turn on them because, well, they beat everyone. We love having empires because we love to see them fall. We rooted against the Miami Heat when LeBron took his talents to South Beach to form the “Big Three”. They may have added Kevin Durant eventually in 2017, but the dominance and fatigue of the Golden State Warriors winning all the time even made us turn on Stephen Curry, the two-time MVP and best three-point shooter of all-time with an “aw shucks” demeanor who looks like he could live on your street and has a lovely family.

Then, in the NFL, the Patriots were one of the most embarrassing franchises in the league until Bill Belichick and Tom Brady won six Super Bowls in two decades, turned them into the most superior franchise in sports history, and ever since then, everyone outside of Boston generally roots against New England. 

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So if the Chiefs are next in line to be ushered in as the kings of their respective sport, why does it feel odd to root for their demise or cheer when they lose like we did the other empires?

They feel just as superior as the other dynasties were during their eras, so will we eventually turn on Kansas City too?

Granted, there were factors outside of their greatness that led us to root against the others- the media crucified LeBron for his “decision” announcement, we called KD a coward for his move to Golden State (and Draymond Green kicked a few nuts along the way), and the Patriots have the Spygate and the Deflategate incidents under their belts. 

The Chiefs (knock on wood) don’t really have any of those yet- generally-speaking, they’re a team full of charm as the most exciting watch the league has seen this decade because of having Mahomes and Reid as the faces of their franchise. If you heard someone in a bar say “I just hate that Patrick Mahomes guy” you’d look at him sideways and maybe even smack him aside from the head with a glass bottle. Mahomes carries himself with humility and is perceived as one of the most prominent role models in sports; he’s merely a young guy with a gorgeous family, involved in social activism, and loves video games and Whataburger, and appears in all of the State Farm commercials. He just also happens to crush every other team’s dreams while playing on a half a billion-dollar salary. 

Andy Reid has always been regarded as a great coach who significantly impacted the league with his innovative schemes and was held in high regard because of his quiet, respectful demeanor as a players’ coach; he’s even the man who gave Michael Vick a graceful second chance after serving his sentence in prison. However, he was always known as the coach who would make a critical postseason mistake that caused him to never get over the hump and win a Super Bowl. Now after reaching the mountaintop, Reid is elated and is just a jolly, mustached man who loves making food references and wearing Hawaiian shirts and is appearing on Guy Fieri cooking shows.

How can you root against that guy?

Lord forbid something like a Spygate scenario comes across Kansas City, but even if they’re trying to win their third Super Bowl of the decade or something after a while, I say we watch and appreciate their greatness rather than hate-watch the dynasty.

AFC West fans may disagree, but we might just have a likable “evil empire” for the first time in a long time.
Let’s enjoy the Mahomes thrill ride.

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