If you have watched any of the Texas Rangers within the last four years, you know it’s all been downhill since winning the AL West with relative consistency.
At the moment, it feels as if they’ve got no plan behind them either with one of the most mediocre farm systems in the MLB and having to recover from some of the worst contracts in recent league history (Shin Soo-Choo, Matt Harrison, Prince Fielder).

As they continue to try and tear everything down and start from scratch, it feels like they’re driving a used Prius with a Lamborghini engine right now. The Lamborghini engine being Joey Gallo. Gallo is entering his prime at 27, was an all-star in 2019, and hits absolute bombs onto other continents. He has no business being on a Ranger team this abysmal. It would make sense for Gallo to be dealt for both sides – he could get a fresh start on a team that needs a titan-sized human to hit homers to help them win a World Series, and the Rangers could continue to get younger and acquire a haul of prospects in return while his value is as high as it is.

We don’t need Joey Gallo being wasted! Let him hit moonshots with Nelson Cruz and the Bomba Squad in Minnesota. Let him join the other bash brothers, Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, in the Bronx wearing pinstripes.

We’re in a league where Mike Trout is the best player maybe of All-Time and has played in one playoff series in his career. The Angels are at least doing their due diligence to put some winners around him now, but there are other franchises that have these “diamonds in the rough” quality players where the team and the player could benefit from a breakup.

Like Joey Gallo, here are some other stars who deserve to be moved to a team interested in competing.

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Trevor Story and the Colorado Rockies

This one is pretty obvious given the way the Rockies treated their Platinum Glove-winning third baseman Nolan Arenado in the offseason (you know, trading him for prospects after giving him an 8-year, $260 million deal because they didn’t want to spend money on pieces around him). Outside of an aging Charlie Blackmon, Story is the last remaining big name on a team that’s just several years removed from making the postseason.

He’s an upcoming free agent next season that will make a ton of money since he’s a top 5 shortstop in the league, and the Rockies have made it clear that they want to lose a lot and not spend any money in the process. A team that is a superstar away at his position, like maybe the A’s, Brewers, or Angels, could instantly be a contender if they were to strike a deal for him.

Shane Bieber and the Cleveland Indians

This is a similar narrative to the Trevor Story situation in Colorado where you have a team that hates to spend money in Cleveland, who goes on sprees of trading off all of their stars or letting them walk in free agency. In the past two years, they’ve dealt Trevor Bauer, Corey Kluber, Mike Clevinger, Carlos Carrasco, and Francisco Lindor.

To their credit, they’ve still remained competitive given how top-notch an organization and coaching staff they have, but Cleveland gut-punches their chances of building a superteam in the American League year after year by their frugality.

Bieber, a 25-year-old coming off a Cy Young Award in 2020, is making pennies for the next four years until 2025 in his arbitration seasons, but do you really think Bieber is going to put faith in signing long-term with a team that refuses to spend and he’s already on the same level of guys like Gerrit Cole, who makes almost $40 million per year to pitch in New York? Not a chance. If Cleveland is going to tear down all of their superstars to avoid the luxury tax and focus on cheap prospects by losing games, they should just cash in on Bieber now so he can play somewhere that WILL pay him.

It’s not as if Cleveland wants to lose games, and they’ve overcome losing stars in the past, but what’s the message it sends to not only your fan base but also to current and potential future players? Francisco Lindor just said in an interview with CC Sabathia that he was told that in Cleveland if you hit free agency, “you ain’t coming back.” It’s an egregious reputation to have from the Dolan family, who is the 4th-richest MLB ownership group. Pay Bieber.

Ketel Marte and the Arizona Diamondbacks

This one is quite simple: Ketel Marte is great and the Diamondbacks are not great. Marte is a 27-year-old all-star who can play in the infield and outfield, hit for power and get on base, came in 4th in MVP voting in 2019, and has a career 16.1 WAR (!!!) through 6 seasons in the majors. The Diamondbacks, meanwhile, are i

n the NL West that has the Dodgers and Padres, who look to dominate baseball the next decade, and the Giants, who could potentially end up spending on superstars down the line. They feel like one of the most irrelevant teams in baseball; they never spend in free agency, they have a history of trading their stars, and are investing in their prospects and farm system rather than winning. I say build for the future and cut off ties with one of the only reasons to watch the team. Ketel Marte has the versatility to provide needed services on seemingly any team, and Arizona would get back a haul in return.

Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers

This needed breakup is purely sentimental. Miggy will always go down in Tigers lore as a beloved figure for taking them to the World Series in 2012 and winning the Triple Crown. That being said, he’s about to be 36, he pretty much can’t move anymore, he’ll be making $30 million or more for the next three years, and the Tigers are putting all their eggs in one basket: getting younger. He simply doesn’t fit the timeline of the team anymore.

He got one ring with the Marlins in 2003 when he was only 20, but it would be nice to see him win one more to add to his illustrious Hall of Fame career as one of the best right-handed hitters in history. Considering he still hits the long ball even past his prime, you can’t tell me a team with money bags and youth couldn’t add Miggy to be a “player-coach” to the young guys in the clubhouse and DH on their way to a title.

Kyle Seager and the Seattle Mariners

This one is a bit more complicated. Seager is a face who has defined this Seattle franchise for this generation- playing his entire 10-year career with the team as an all-star and Gold Glove-winning third baseman in the process. He’s been nothing but good to the team, but this offseason things got awkward when (since-fired) President, Kevin Mather, was caught on a hot mic at a Rotary Club saying about as many awful things a team president could say. One of those bombshells involved Kyle Seager: he said he would eventually be in the Mariners Hall of Fame, but was overpaid and this was probably his last season here.

That will surely make Kyle want to put in his best effort! His wife even tweeted out, “So should we put our house in Seattle on the market now, orrrrr?”

Even if Mather is gone now, who’s to say the rest of the Mariner’s front office doesn’t feel the same about Seager? It’s just an awkward situation, and at the very least they should move him if he wants to be moved. He’s still a talented veteran on a rebuilding team, and the franchise should make up for an embarrassing slip-up as that one was.

Ship Kyle to a winner with competent management.

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