A new report from Pickswise reveals which NFL team offers their fans the best value for money.

  • It’s revealed that Buffalo Bills fans get the best value for money, with each touchdown costing just $46.19.
  • Unfortunately, the New York teams are the worst value for money, with the Jets and Giants both sitting at rock bottom of the list.
  • It’s bad news Las Vegas Raiders fans, as they take the number one spot for the most expensive fan experience… $3,450.26 per season, yikes!

Following a football team across the entire NFL season can be a very costly affair, but which fans fork out the most overall?

Pickswise has considered an array of common matchday expenses to uncover which fanbase spends the most across the season, as well as comparing each side’s respective cost with total of 2020 touchdowns to reveal the best value team to follow.

The NFL Team That Offers the Best Value For Money

Comparing each team’s annual supporter cost with their respective number of touchdowns during the 2020 season, it’s Buffalo Bills fans whose money goes the furthest, with 60 touchdowns costing just $46.19 each.

Looking towards the bottom of the table, the two New York teams come out as the worst value sides to watch. With just 26 touchdowns in 2020, Jets fans had to pay $113.18 for each one, while Giants fans’ wallets took a hit of $117.03 for each of their 27 touchdowns.

The best value for money NFL rankings can be seen below:

Photo: Pickswise

The NFL Fans With the Highest Season Spend

Considering: ticket prices1; the cost of one beer and hotdog per game2; the cost of one jersey and cap3; and accommodation4 (accommodation price was averaged across all teams), Las Vegas Raiders supporters spend more than any other NFL fanbase, shelling out a staggering $3,450.26 each season.

In contrast, Cincinnati Bengals fans have the most reasonable supporter spend, paying $688 less than Raiders followers but still spending a total of $2,762.54. Committing to your favorite team really is a costly affair!

List of the costliest teams to support can be seen below:

Photo: Pickswise

Featured Image: Pickswise
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