Following his spectacular performance Saturday night at UFC 261 and retention of his Welterweight Championship, Kamaru Usman’s next opponent was announced.


The only man who has truly challenged Usman thus far in the UFC has been Colby Covington. Seeing as how both men have seen success following their first battle, it is only right to run the rematch back. The two put on an incredible main event fight at UFC 245 which ended with a fifth round TKO victory for Usman with less than a minute left in the fight. Had the fight gone the distance, it is very possible that Colby would have defeated Usman via decision. With the two having such a close fight the first time, and there being no other true contenders right now, the rematch makes all the sense in the world.



After losing the first fight, Colby made it clear that he wanted another shot at Usman. Colby feels as though he is the only man in the division who can actually defeat Usman and based on Usman’s past performances, he may be right. As previously mentioned, Colby has been the only opponent since Usman has entered the title picture to truly test the current Welterweight Champion. Following the lose, Colby put an end to the feud that had been brewing between Tyron Woodley and himself for years by defeating Woodley in September. Colby being named the number one contender should not surprise anyone and whether you like him or not, he will put on an incredible fight with Usman.



For Usman, this fight absolutely makes sense. Usman talked about “lapping” his opponents following his defeat of Jorge Masvidal this past weekend. Meaning that Usman is so above the rest of his competition, that if there is truly no one who can defeat him, he’ll start beating his former opponents again. Usman is smart enough to know that every viable contender at Welterweight is either not ready to challenge him, or has already been beaten by him. The Colby fight makes the most sense as he is currently the only top contender who can give him a challenge and is constantly in the public eye due to his outlandish persona. The conversation has already begun, but should Usman defeat Colby for a second time, the discussion of Usman’s position on the list of greatest Welterweights of all time would certainly intensify. This rematch, whenever it happens, will be one for the ages.


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