The NBA is packed with some of the sport’s most recognizable and iconic athletes, but which of our favorite NBA stars are balling most off the court?

A new report by has revealed the top 20 richest NBA Instagram stars.

Did you know that LeBron James could be making up to $342,640 per Instagram post?

  • Taking the crown is the king of the court, LeBron James, who could be charging upwards of $342,790 per Instagram post
  • Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, and Kyrie Irving sit high up on the list, all making over $50,000 per post
  • Brooklyn Nets produce the most popular off-court ballers, with 4 out the top 20 playing for the Nets

Photo: MarketWatch

Viewed by all around the world, the NBA is packed with some of the sport’s most recognizable and iconic athletes. While their contracts may be eye-watering, how do their social media profiles match up?

Exploring each player’s Instagram activity, a new report by has managed to uncover the top 20 performers. Attributing a score to each of their number of followers, engagement rate, and the media valuation of the worth of each post, reveals basketball’s biggest social earners.

Instagram’s Richest NBA Profiles

Taking the crown and sitting high above the rest is King James, with his 83 million strong fan base – around 50 million more than the second-place competitor, earning him a staggering $324,790 per post.


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Unsurprisingly, Steph Curry sits high on the list with the second biggest Instagram following. With such a substantial fan base, Curry could be slam-dunking $138,148 into his bank account every time he posts on Instagram. Not bad for one of the greatest shooters in NBA history.

The top 20 NBA Instagram rich list can be seen below:



To calculate the amount a player could earn per Instagram post we first found the most followed NBA player accounts on Instagram. We then conducted social listening across all accounts which discovered the follower growth, engagement rate, and branded content frequency for each account.

Engagement rate is calculated as total engagement (likes and shares) divided by total followers.

The social listening data estimates that a user can earn $0.004 per post, per follower.
This number is based on the average taken across millions of profiles audited within the social listening tool.

Featured Image: MarketWatch
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