The U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the NCAA.

The historic decision paves the way for college athletes to be paid. More specifically, the ruling mandates these student-athletes should be paid only for education-related benefits.

Other money-making opportunities for the athletes (think endorsements) will have to be determined by legislation.

A few states have already stepped up to overrule the NCAA and allow just this. On July 1, Alabama and Florida became the first states to allow some of those broader issues about “getting paid”.

This is a monumental change that could give huge financial opportunities to student-athletes.

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Making money on their images, likeness, names could suddenly become a reality. Traditional endorsements like personal appearances and social media opportunities, once only available to the Pros, could be expanded to “amateurs” and become a collegiate game.

It’s a fact in over 90% of cases, an athlete’s brand is highest while in college. Big games, big wins, national championships don’t always translate to a professional career. Even when they do, those careers don’t always last long. Injuries, trades, bad behavior often get in the way of endorsements before they ever get started.

This new legislation changes the tide. It allows student-athletes to get paid for what they do when they are at their peak doing it.

The athlete benefits, the local community (think restaurants, car dealers) benefits. It’s a WIN-WIN.

Colleges and local communities working together; promoting each other…seems like a natural segue to success.

Featured Image: BroBible
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