There are plenty of contract disputes going on this NFL offseason that makes a lot of the key players just seem unhappy.
Right now should be a time of hope! It’s a clean slate going into the year!

There are no losses on the team’s record sheet, and everyone is healthy, so everyone has hope.

But who feels the best going into this year? Who is going to take that happiness heading into the season to where it translates onto the field?

This is the 2021 NFL All-Happiness Team of guys that should be feeling great.

Quarterback // Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts

Who is happier about their clean slate than Carson Wentz? He credits his success in Philadelphia before his ACL Tear to Frank Reich, the offensive coordinator at the time, who will now be his head coach on the Colts. The Philadelphia media was RUTHLESS to him after Nick Foles won the Super Bowl while he was hurt. He suddenly went from an MVP candidate to the worst quarterback in the league in 2020 (he led the league in interceptions and fumbles and only played in 12 games last year).

Now, he no longer has to deal with the ruthless criticisms of that sports city, he can go into the year believing he just needed to be back with Reich, and he gets to play behind a solid offensive line with great defense on the other side. This is his second chance token to prove he can still be what he once was. We’ll soon find out, but he’s got to be feeling like a massive weight has been lifted off of his shoulders.

Running Back // Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns

Few people have it better as a running back than Nick Chubb on the Browns. According to Pro Football Focus, he gets to run behind the #1 ranked offensive line in football; he gets to preserve his legs and often carries since the Browns have him paired up with another Pro Bowl running back in Kareem Hunt running a two-headed monster. The Browns’ offense is so creative and efficient that he has a balanced workload in the passing game.

This sets him up perfectly to save the miles on him to eventually get a major contract next season. Chubb will be getting paid soon enough, won’t be getting hit, and will be putting up numbers on a team built to make him look REALLY good.

Wide Receiver // AJ Brown, Tennessee Titans

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AJ Brown had a major breakout season last year on the Titans last season, and after his teammate, Corey Davis, left in free agency, there was a hole on their roster in the receiving department. So, when Julio Jones announced a trade request from the Falcons, Brown sprung into action. He made campaign videos on his Instagram and Tik Tok with Tennessee recruiting pitches boosting himself, Ryan Tannehill, and Derrick Henry, telling him, “Come home, Julio. Come home.” and he even offered to give him his #11 jersey.

So, what did the Titans do? They went out and traded for him! If you’re AJ Brown, you’ve got to be ecstatic, not only to be able to play alongside one of the greatest receivers ever to do it but also, you play for an organization that likely saw your videos and went out and made the aggressive move. The bromance will be so much fun, and with Brown being 6 feet 227 lbs and Julio 6 ‘3 220, we could be looking at the passing of the torch of one behemoth, dominant receiver to the next. 

Offensive Lineman // Corey Linsley, Los Angeles Chargers

Corey Linsley was the 2020 First Team All-Pro center in Green Bay. This was a guy who was born and raised in Ohio, went to Ohio State, and then played his first 6 years in Green Bay, Wisconsin blocking for Aaron Rodgers. After his career year last season, he signed a 5-year, $62.5 million deal with the Chargers to become the highest-paid center in the league.

Linsley got the honors, got the bag of money, gets to play for a team with a ton of potential, and now gets to live in sunny Los Angeles after being in the midwest his entire life!! You go, Corey. He’ll probably be smiling on the beach until he’s blocking for Justin Herbert in the fall.

Linebacker // Shaquil Barrett, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Barrett got his second Super Bowl ring last year, his first with the Buccaneers, and established himself as one of the strongest veteran linebackers in the league. Like Linsley, he also got the big bag this offseason, a 4-year, $72 million extensions, and now he gets to be the leader for the young guys on that dominant Tampa defense like Devin White and Vita Vea.

It’s going to be another year in paradise for Barrett in Tampa Bay. It’s year two with Tom Brady, they re-signed and brought back the entire champion team, and they’ll be one of the best defenses in the league as they look to defend their title.

Defensive End // JJ Watt, Arizona Cardinals

JJ was freed from his prison in Houston. He apparently had several screaming battles with Bill O’Brien before he was fired, and he just looked absolutely miserable being a part of one of the worst defenses in the league as Deshaun Watson did whatever he could to prevent them from losing every single game.

He requested to part ways, and even the Houston fans responded with, “…yeah, we totally understand, JJ.” and now got a 2-year, $28-million deal to play in Arizona. He obviously wants to compete to get a ring and thinks highly of Kyler Murray, but after a career with so many injuries, he will also be playing in a place where everyone rehabs and retires and plays golf all of the time. He gets a clean slate on a team that will undoubtedly win more games than Houston, and he’s not pressured to be the guy alongside fellow pass-rusher Chandler Jones.

Head Coach // Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams

“Bro, this dude’s a bad MF-er. Whatever people say about him, as good as it can be, he’s better than advertised.”

Sean McVay sounds legitimately in love with his new quarterback, whom they traded for, Matthew Stafford. The two were literally on vacation together with their wives in Cabo when the Rams pulled off the deal with the Lions.

McVay has never won less than 9 games in a season and reached a Super Bowl, but critics have said that the main factor holding them back from being the team to beat in the NFL has been Jared Goff as the weak link at quarterback. Goff had one of the worst rookie seasons ever before McVay got there, and the assumption is that his success wasn’t due to Goff getting better but him benefitting from McVay’s offensive system.

Now, McVay has one of the best passing talents in the league playing for him, and he’ll be hungry after losing for so long in Detroit. McVay feels like he’s been given the keys to a brand new Ferrari.

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