In a sport where everyone is usually trying to sell with few buyers, this was the wildest MLB Trade Deadline in a long, long time.
Some of the biggest names in baseball that were iconic to their franchises were moved. Contenders got better. Some contenders didn’t do ENOUGH to get better.

The entire week was drama-filled, practically like a Netflix series.

Here are some of the characters of the reality series that took over the sports world and the ramifications of where we go from here.

The Big Bad Movie Villain Who Says “I’ll Do it Myself”// Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers already were the reigning World Series Champions with 4 MVPs and 3 Cy Young Award-Winners on their roster. They were finally looking somewhat beatable this year – Trevor Bauer is on leave for allegations and it’s unclear if he will be back, Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts have underperformed given their expectations, and they’ve dealt with injuries all season. The Giants have led the division all year, and the Padres have been 7-3 against them.

Photo: Jon SooHoo /Los Angeles Dodgers

They were tired of the comments of them potentially falling off, so in the most boss villain fashion possible, they traded for starting pitcher Danny Duffy from Kansas City, who has a 2.51 ERA and then got Max Scherzer, one of the best pitchers of this generation, AND Trea Turner, a top 3 shortstop in baseball that they’ll have beyond just this year… And their all-star shortstop Corey Seager is now back from injury…, and all they gave up were prospects.

Yeah. The Dodgers are an empire.

The Sons Angry at their Stepdad // San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants

Clearly, the Giants and Padres are tired of the Dodgers’ reign as NL West Champions for 8 years in a row because they made some moves too. The Giants probably had no expectation that they would be buyers at this point going into the year because the roster is essentially just veteran guys on cheap deals, and they had a 5.7% chance to make the postseason, and here they are, with the best record in baseball. They went ahead and traded some of their prospects to get a former MVP on the Cubs, Kris Bryant, to try and keep the magic going and stave off the rest of the division.

Meanwhile, the Padres traded for the current league-leader in hits, Adam Frazier from the Pirates, reliever Daniel Hudson from the Nationals, and outfielder Jake Marisnick from the Cubs. They also tried to get in on Max Scherzer only to be fleeced by the Dodgers… After that big move, it might not matter at all. The Dodgers are still the overpowering stepdad.

The Mob Boss Who Kills Everyone in the Family // Chicago Cubs

It was one of the most emotional weeks in history for Cubs fans because the front office officially slit the throat of the final remains of the 2016 World Series-winning team. Anthony Rizzo is a Yankee now. Kris Bryant is a Giant. Javier Baez is a Met. They already chose not to re-sign Kyle Schwarber or Jon Lester in the offseason. They dealt Craig Kimbrel, one of the best closers of all time, to the White Sox.

We knew the tear-down rebuild was coming when they traded Yu Darvish for pennies in the offseason; it’s just odd because the baseball world thought that we’d see Anthony Rizzo in Cubs pinstripes for his entire career given what he meant to the franchise.

The Guy Always Trying to One-Up His Neighbor // Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox looked across the state border to New York and saw what the Yankees did when they traded for Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo. “Oh, you added a couple of left-handed home run-hitters that will benefit from your ballpark?” they said. “We can do that too.” and traded for Kyle Schwarber, who was the best player in baseball for that week he hit a million home runs.

The Nerd Who Still Gets the Girl Somehow // Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays are the single-most confusing traders in baseball, but especially this year because no one has any idea what they’re doing. Earlier in the year, they traded away their starting shortstop during a win-streak, Willy Adames, to the Brewers, who now is in the conversation for the NL MVP. Then, they went and traded for 41-year-old Nelson Cruz in a win-now move. Then, they traded 41-year-old starter Rich Hill for Tommy Hunter, who is injured and can’t play this season.

Finally, they traded their closer Diego Castillo to the Mariners. Are they trying to be aggressive and win now?? Are they mailing it in to try and win next year?? No one knows why they do what they do.

These moves almost entirely contradict their vision. However, the Rays are the Rays. They win games and pretty much never lose trades under the oddest of circumstances because they’re smarter than everyone else in the league. They’ll likely continue to chug along as if nothing ever happened.

The Doofus Sitcom Dad Who Has to Make it Up to His Wife in an Episode // Seattle Mariners

The Mariners are in the fight for the final wild-card playoff spot, which would snap the longest postseason drought of the 4 major sports last week; they played the Houston Astros and came back from 7-0 with a go-ahead grand slam in the 8th to cap off a 7-3 game stretch- it was the signature win on the season by far. It put them only 1 game back of that final wild-card spot. 

The next day, the GM Jerry Dipoto traded away their closer Kendall Graveman who had gotten the win that night… to the ASTROS.

The players apparently lost it and went on a cursing tirade at how insulting it felt that they should be buyers trying to win, and Dipoto just wanted to punt on their chances and sell off someone critical to their success. Seattle has had so many years of being competitive, falling off, and selling away everyone in hopes for the next season, so it felt so deflating that it looked like this was a year of that heartbreak all over again.

After that news came out, Dipoto felt like he had to make up for the backlash and got Diego Castillo from the Rays, who is also a great closer, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he just dumped Graveman to their division rival.

Featured Image: CBS Sports Radio 1053
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