NOCAP Sports’ collegiate athletes will be sharing their hot sports takes on Colorcast’s social audio platform before, during, and after NFL and NCAAF games

Colorcast, the first-of-its-kind Social Sports Talk app, and NOCAP Sports, the cutting-edge NIL (name, image, likeness) platform, have struck a partnership to provide college athletes the opportunity to voice their opinions about collegiate and professional sports before, during, and after the game.

Photo: NOCAP Sports

In late June, the United States Supreme Court unanimously decided that the NCAA’s restrictions on “education-related benefits” for college athletes violated antitrust law. The decision gave universities, athletes, and brands full legal confidence they could enter sponsorship deals ranging from promoting nascent sports gambling sites to the promotion of household brands like Boost mobile.

Colorcast and NOCAP Sports are capitalizing on this new market by furnishing college athletes with the opportunity to get paid for expressing their opinions about live sporting events like NFL and NCAA Football games. The partnership gives athletes the chance to capitalize on their name, image, likeness, and for the first time, their expertise. Colorcast provides a social audio platform where athletes, influencers, and average joes can share their hot sports opinions in real-time, before, during, or after the game.

NOCAP Sports provides a marketplace where every collegiate athlete, regardless of school, sport, level, or background, has equal access to the best technology and resources to maximize their name, image, and likeness.

“What’s more intriguing than listening to a college football player comment on his former teammate-turned-NFL-star’s decision making, in real-time, during the game,” asked Evan Kirkham, Chief Executive Officer at Colorcast. “After the Supreme Court’s decision, we were seeing a flurry of sponsorship deals, but they were all functionally the same– athletes were being employed as glorified sales persons pitching the brand. This deal is completely different. Instead of requesting athletes to regurgitate Colorcast’s value-proposition, we’re asking them to participate in the conversation armed with their personal expertise and opinions.”

The partnership will officially kick off at the beginning of September with the return of the college and professional football regular seasons. As part of the partnership, NOCAP Sports will retool its platform to accommodate requests for live audio appearances and will provide bespoke support to Colorcast to accomplish its mission of “amplifying fresh perspectives.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Colorcast,” said NOCAP Sports Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Lord. “We’re committed to providing athletes on our platform with new and innovative opportunities that are both financially and personally rewarding. I know I’ll be tuning in to our athletes as they break down the action this NFL season.”

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