A new report reveals which NBA team receives the most social media buzz online.

The most popular NBA team on Twitter, the Los Angeles Lakers, rank number one on the list with 5,870,777 posts.

The reigning champs, the Milwaukee Bucks, place third after gaining a massive social media buzz following their win to the Phoenix Suns and being crowned champions for the first time in 50 years.

The NBA is BACK! With pre-season well underway, millions of NBA fans across the US will be tuning in and voicing their opinions online for the upcoming season.

With discussions and debates about this year’s results already flooding social media, have you ever wondered which NBA team actually creates the greatest online buzz?

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With the utilization of social listening data, a new report from Bookies.com has revealed which NBA teams have generated the most interest online over the last year. By analyzing social media posts using specific keywords, the report highlighted which NBA team was the most popular, what demographics were most common, and also which social media platform dominated the conversations.

The NBA Teams with The Greatest Online Buzz 

The LA Lakers are the most followed NBA team on Twitter with a staggering 10.1 million followers, so it’s no surprise that they create the biggest buzz online. With 5,870,777 posts over the past 12 months, the Lakers Nation is everywhere – scoring more than a million more than the Golden State Warriors, who ranked second with 4,311,312 posts. The reigning champs, the Milwaukee Bucks, followed third after gaining a massive social media buzz after their win to the Phoenix Suns.

The Portland Trail Blazers and the Minnesota Timberwolves sit bottom of the list with only 169,012 and 150,325 mentions, respectively, over the last 12 months – around 40x less than the Lakers.

The younger male demographic (18-24) are NBA’s most vocal online, ranking top for 23 of the teams. Surprisingly, followers aged 55-64 ranked five times in the most popular demographic category for teams such as the Phoenix Suns, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Washington Wizards.

The full list can be seen in the table below:

RankTeamNo. of PostsTop Demographic
1Los Angeles Lakers5,870,77718-24 23.5%
2Golden State Warriors4,311,31218-24 18.6%
3Milwaukee Bucks2,277,46818-24 20.3%
4Los Angeles Clippers1,632,40418-24 23.1%
5Boston Celtics1,531,32518-24 22.4%
6Philadelphia 76ers1,027,21718-24 21.3%
7Charlotte Hornets877,34018-24 23.8%
8Toronto Raptors793,21218-24 22%
9Miami Heat792,93518-24 21.8%
10Cleveland Cavaliers780,51318-24 22.6%
11Brooklyn Nets778,61018-24 22%
12New York Knicks774,17225-34 21.7%
13Dallas Mavericks662,48418-24 22.2%
14Chicago Bulls556,92818-24 21.8%
15Memphis Grizzlies509,17818-24 23.7%
16Phoenix Suns498,68355-64 25.2%
17San Antonio Spurs489,31655-64 23%
18Indiana Pacers480,02218-24 22.8%
19Houston Rockets449,49718-24 22.6%
20Orlando Magic416,11355-64 16.1%
21Utah Jazz330,90118-24 22.5%
22Atlanta Hawks324,31455-64 21.6%
23Detroit Pistons283,69718-24 21.7%
24Denver Nuggets247,07718-24 21.4%
25New Orleans Pelicans236,80618-24 21.5%
26Sacramento Kings233,39718-24 21.4%
27Washington Wizards221,26155-64 21.7%
28Oklahoma City Thunder177,63718-24 23.2%
29Portland Trail Blazers169,01218-24 21.8%
30Minnesota Timberwolves150,32525-34 20.7%

Full information can be found on-site, here.


To collect the data, social listening was utilized and acquired through Linkfluence between September 2020 – September 2021.

To determine the order of the list, the percentage of posts online, demographic, and social media % was collected and put in an order with the highest percentage at the top.

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