A new report reveals which U.S. state and college has produced the most currently active major league athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Texas is crowned the leading state, producing 250 current sporting athletes, 50 of which are from The University of Texas.

Alabama University is number one for producing major league athletes, launching 82 careers across the three leagues.

Making it in the big leagues is a mere dream for millions of hopeful athletes. But for a very select elite few, this dream becomes a reality.

Every year, the NFL, NBA, and MLB draft stars into their rosters, but have you ever wondered which states and colleges have produced most of the currently active talent? 

By conducting desk research, a new report from The Action Network reveals which states and colleges have produced our current crop of sporting superstars. Analyzing full rosters across the NFL, NBA, and MLB, the report suggests where the next generation of elite athletes could likely come from.

The States and Colleges Leading the Charge

Producing 250 currently active athletes, Texas leads the way for emerging talent. Home to a number of exceptional colleges, it’s the University of Texas that has seen the most success, creating 50 elite major league athletes. Other significantly successful universities within the same state include Texas A&M (43) and Texas Christian University (27).

Coming in 35 athletes behind in second place is the Golden State. The state of California has produced 215 of our current major league stars, with The University of Southern California being the standout. The university has launched the careers of 33 NFL stars, 10 NBA stars, and 3 MLB stars.

Whilst the state of Alabama places 6th, The University of Alabama is the leading institute for launching sporting stars careers, taking 82 college stars to professional leagues across the U.S. This is 12 more than second place, Ohio State University.

The top 20 highest performing states are listed below:

RankStateNumber of AthletesCollegeNumber of Athletes
1Texas250 Alabama82
2California215 Ohio State70
3Florida179 Florida63
4Ohio169 Louisiana State59
5North Carolina159 Michigan56
6Alabama141 Florida State55
7Louisiana121 Notre Dame52
8Pennsylvania107 Washington51
9Indiana106 Kentucky50
10Tennessee102 Texas50
11South Carolina100 Georgia48
12Kentucky93 Oklahoma47
13Virginia89 Iowa46
14Washington79 Clemson45
15Mississippi78 Duke45
16Oklahoma75 UCLA44
17Utah71 Stanford43
18Iowa69 Texas A&M43
19Georgia67 South Carolina42
20Oregon67 Oregon39
21Michigan63 Penn State39
22Illinois61 Mississippi State38
23Kansas47 North Carolina38
24Arizona45 Auburn37
28New York42Southern California33
30West Virginia35Arkansas31
31Nebraska34Michigan State31
36New Jersey19Central Florida29
38Nevada16Texas Christian27
40South Dakota10Virginia Tech26
41North Dakota9Baylor25
43Rhode Island8Pittsburgh25
45New Mexico7Oregon State24
46District of Columbia5Southern Methodist23
47Maine2West Virginia23
49New Hampshire2Arizona State22
50Vermont1Kansas State22
51AlaskaOklahoma State22

Full information can be found, here: https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/most-successful-college-state.


Action Network analyzed the full rosters of every current 2021 team in the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

By analyzing each player by state and college, the data identified which college/state produced the most professional major sports stars, ranking them in order by number.

Featured Image: The Action Network
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