A new report from Bookies.com reveals which NBA teams experience the greatest ticket inflation on the secondary market.

On average, Golden State Warriors fans could see a staggering 474% price increase when looking to buy on the secondary market.

Taking into account all 30 teams, the average NBA fan would have to pay around 176% more when buying from a reseller.

Following suspensions and uncertainty during the 2020 season, the NBA 75th anniversary has kick-started the 2021 season, leaving basketball fans flying back to their favored seats ready to soak up the atmosphere the NBA has to offer.

But how much is going to your team’s game going to cost you?

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It’s not new information that NBA can be costly, and due to such demand and love for the sport, getting to your favorite game is going to cost more than ever before…especially if you’re thinking of buying on the secondary market. But how much is the average ticket price? And how much more will you be looking to pay if you’ve missed face value prices?

Analyzing NBA ticket data, a new report from Bookies.com reveals which NBA teams ticket prices are experiencing the most significant secondary market inflation through online resale.

Which Secondary Market is Least Affordable?

Exploring the data, the six-time NBA champions, it’s the Golden State Warriors who look to be experiencing the greatest secondary market price hikes. With average face value ticket prices going for around $79.84, Warriors fans who missed out could be forking out a staggering $458 for a ticket, a price increase of 474%.

It’s not just Warriors fans who are having to break the bank, LA Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors, and the Brooklyn Nets also sit high on the list, all-seeing a 250%+ increase in secondary market prices.

Coming last at a table has never felt so good for an NBA fan. Whilst still relatively high, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, and Minnesota Timberwolves all witnessed the smallest increase, with prices on the secondary market sitting below a 60% rise.

The full list of ticket prices in order or percentage change can be seen below:

TeamAverage Ticket PriceAverage Resell TicketPercentage Difference
Golden State Warriors$79.84$458474%
Los Angeles Lakers$103.27$444330%
Philadelphia 76ers$38.46$150290%
Toronto Raptors$48.11$179272%
Brooklyn Nets$66.15$242266%
New Orleans Pelicans$30.20$105248%
Los Angeles Clippers$79.83$267234%
San Antonio Spurs$54.88$177223%
Denver Nuggets$52.38$154194%
Atlanta Hawks$36.82$107191%
Houston Rockets$67.24$189181%
NBA Average$56.65$162.19176%
Utah Jazz$43.19$117171%
Milwaukee Bucks$50.30$132162%
Oklahoma City Thunder$55.10$137149%
Indiana Pacers$38.97$94141%
Memphis Grizzlies$31.48$73132%
Boston Celtics$66.49$154132%
Sacramento Kings$47.89$107123%
Dallas Mavericks$49.76$110121%
Orlando Magic$39.40$87121%
Detroit Pistons$31.42$69120%
Charlotte Hornets$30.60$64109%
New York Knicks$129.38$261102%
Miami Heat$76.73$15095%
Portland Trail Blazers$53.43$10393%
Washington Wizards$51.21$9280%
Chicago Bulls$82.33$13362%
Minnesota Timberwolves$37.27$5856%
Phoenix Suns$56.1$8552%
Cleveland Cavaliers$48.12$7250%


To find the average first sale tickets prices for each MLB team, Statista data was used.

This was then compared to secondary market averages, which were collected from ticket platform SeatGeek. These were then compared to figure out the percentage change.

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