A new report from Bookies.com reveals the NFL teams with the most engaged female fan base.

The Dallas Cowboys not only have the most engaged female crowd, but they are also the most positively discussed team online from both their male and female followers.

Male supporters are universally more toxic across the entire NFL compared to female supporters.

NFL teams have some of the largest fan bases across the country, with millions of flooding stadiums each year or tuning in at home. While historically dominated by men, the NFL’s female fanbases have grown exponentially over the past decade, and many teams are experiencing amazing levels of growth among female supporters. With reports that women now make up 47% of all NFL fans, which NFL team actually has the best female fan base?

Through the utilization of social listening over the last 12 months, a new report from Bookies.com highlights the NFL’s most engaged female fan bases and, incidentally, that they’re universally more positive than their male counterparts.

Female Fan Engagement and Sentiment

The Dallas Cowboys lead the way for online engagement, with 21.5% of conversations coming from female supporters during 2021. The Buffalo Bills follow closely behind (20.8%), with the New Orleans Saints (20.6%), Kansas City Chiefs (20.6%), and Seattle Seahawks (18.2%) making up the rest of the top five.

Looking towards the bottom end of the table, it’s the Detroit Lions who are ranked worst for female fan engagement during 2021, with just 9.7% of conversations coming from women. Furthermore, L.A. football also must do more to engage the wider football community, with just 9.9% and 10.5% of Rams and Chargers discussions coming from women.

Below is a table illustrating NFL teams ranked by percentage of female engagement over the last 12 months:

Photo: Bookies.com

Comparing social media sentiment towards each NFL club, the Dallas Cowboys take the crown as the best-received team among women; 42.1% of posts created by female fans about the club were considered positive in nature, while only 36.6% of male Cowboys fans feel the same. This trend is echoed across the entire NFL, with women being consistently more supportive than men – suggesting that NFL’s female fan bases are far more positive.

Unfortunately for the Houston Texans, they had the lowest positive online sentiment across both female and male supporters, scoring just 23.2% and 14.8%, respectively. However, this isn’t too much of a surprise when taking their results into account.


To collect the data, Bookies.com analyzed social listening data between December 2020 – December 2021. Each NFL team was analyzed to reveal the percentage of online discussions made by men and women. The list was then ordered by the highest percentage of conversations made by women about said NFL team, revealing the teams with the greatest percentage of female engagement.

Additionally, the online sentiment was analyzed to highlight the differences in support between men and women, highlighting that female supporters were universally more positive across the NFL.

Featured Image: The Football Girl
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