A new report from Bookies.com reveals the NFL teams with the least loyal fans.

The Rams have the least interested fans, scoring an average home attendance of 84% over the last decade.

The Dallas Cowboys have the most loyal fans of this decade, with attendances averaging out to 103.2%

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With growing reports of low attendance levels, increased no-show rates, and empty seats across the NFL1, fan attendance hasn’t quite matched preseason enthusiasm levels.

With teams such as the Washington Football Team struggling with home attendance rates of around 62.8% during the current season, how do these lower figures compare to the last decade?

By analyzing attendance data, Bookies.com has revealed the average NFL attendance levels from the last decade, to identify the teams with the most loyal supporters.

The NFL’s Least Devoted Fans

The LA Rams are strong contenders in their NFC West Division; last taking the crown in the 18-19 season, many fans are taking the hype to the stadium, hoping 2021 is their year. But, while the Rams are doing well during the current season, and currently have a 99.6% attendance rate, fan loyalty over the last decade has been poor, with the worst NFL attendance record of all – 84%.

The Washington Football Team follows closely behind the Rams, with an 85.9% attendance capacity. Surprisingly, the 2021 Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers closely follow in third, having an average attendance of 85.4%.

It’s no surprise that the most valuable sporting team globally, the Dallas Cowboys, have the highest percentage of attendees over the last ten years – 103.2%. The Cowboys’ neighboring team, the Houston Texans, also boasts one of the highest attendance levels, with an average of 100.6%. Only nine of the 32 teams have an average attendance of over 100%.

The table below illustrates the lowest average attendance levels over the last decade:

1Los Angeles Rams84.0%
2Washington Football Team85.9%
3Tampa Bay Buccaneers86.4%
4Cincinnati Bengals86.7%
5Las Vegas Raiders89.8%
6Buffalo Bills91.5%
7Cleveland Browns92.4%
8Miami Dolphins93.1%
9Jacksonville Jaguars93.7%
10Los Angeles Chargers94.3%
11Pittsburgh Steelers94.4%
12New York Jets94.8%
13New York Giants95.1%
14Kansas City Chiefs95.2%
15Detroit Lions96.2%
16Tennessee Titans96.5%
17Atlanta Falcons96.9%
18Arizona Cardinals97.5%
19Minnesota Vikings98.2%
20New Orleans Saints98.8%
21Carolina Panthers99.3%
22New England Patriots99.4%
23Green Bay Packers99.5%
24Baltimore Ravens100.0%
25Denver Broncos100.3%
26Chicago Bears100.5%
27Houston Texans100.6%
28Seattle Seahawks101.2%
29San Francisco 49ers101.2%
30Philadelphia Eagles101.8%
31Indianapolis Colts102.2%
32Dallas Cowboys103.2%



To collect the data, Bookies.com analyzed the average percentage attendance levels for each NFL team between the years 2010-2019. These were then averaged to reveal the overall percentage for the last decade.

The data is presented with the lowest average percentage at the top.

Featured Image: FOX News
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