Super Tuesday Picks 2/1/22

The NFL weekend is over… I lick my wounds and go back to my specialty of College Hoops for Super Tuesday.


10 pm EST – California vs Stanford: Stanford -4.5

This is one of my favorite picks I’ve seen all year…  Though those are pretty famous last words, allow me to explain.  First let’s look at Cal, a very bad team who is currently on a 7 game losing streak and is 0-6 when playing on the road this year and only 1 win against a respectable team the entire season (Fresno St).  I literally don’t need to say anymore about Cal.  Looking at the hosts Stanford, they are 8-1 at home this year with that only loss coming against 3rd ranked Arizona.  Aside from that, Stanford is undefeated against unranked opponents at home with an average point differential in those games of 8.5.  I scoured the internet for injury news or something else that would make the 4.5 number make sense, but I came up empty.  If nothing else, throw Stanford ML in any parlay tonight and don’t think twice.


9 pm EST – Alabama vs Auburn: Auburn -6

Who doesn’t love an Iron Bowl, this time on the hardwood.  Auburn is ranked #1 in the entire country (yes, in basketball) and they absolutely deserve it.  Alabama on the other hand is a very good team, even beating Gonzaga earlier this season.  However, that Gonzaga win and Alabama’s entire resume is marred by their inability to play good basketball on the road.  Alabama is currently on a 3 game road losing streak with two of those losses coming against teams with losing records (Missouri and Georgia).  Earlier this season Alabama hosted Auburn resulting in a narrow Auburn victory.  The key from that game was the performance of Auburn’s best player (and a surefire top 5 pick in the NBA draft) Jabari Smith.  Smith went off for 25 points, 7 rebounds, and dominated defensively with 4 blocks and 2 steals, all while shooting 50% from three.  Alabama is a scrappy team, but do not possess the personnel to stop Jabari Smith nor have they shown a capability to win on the road, especially in an environment like they’ll be sure to see tonight.  WAR EAGLE!


9 pm EST – Texas vs Texas Tech: Texas +4.5


Looks like we’re going for a rivalry theme today!  First, let me talk strictly about narratives in this game. Tech’s former coach from 2016-2021, Chirs Beard, is now the coach of Texas.  Chris Beard is a fantastic coach and chances are he’s worked with and recruited almost all of the current players on Tech’s roster.  Essentially what I’m saying here is that the coach of Texas might know the tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses of Tech’s players better than anyone.  I do have to address the elephant in the room, which is the crowd for Tech should be absolutely raucous.  The Texas bus was greeted, erm, rather rudely, and prompted a statement from Tech’s head coach, Mark Adams, saying, “Don’t throw anything (or) toss anything on the floor that might give us a technical.”  Lastly, Texas is still searching for an impressive road win, however they are tested on the road.  The Longhorns have lost at Gonzaga, Seton Hall, and Iowa State, three extremely strong home court advantages.  You may be thinking Texas just isn’t that good, especially on the road.  I’d like to think the opposite.  Texas is due.  They’ve taken their lumps and are battle tested going into February.  With Chris Beard knowing the ins and outs of Tech, I expect an instant classic in tonight’s game that may come down to the last possession, and as long as the game comes down to the last possession, W’s and L’s don’t matter if you’re on the +4.5 spread.


Photo: Ashton Scott

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