Last Sunday saw the title contenders Manchester City and Liverpool face off against each other. The game was full of attacking football, chances and goals. In the end the two teams couldn’t separate on the day and finished with a 2-2 draw. But what effect does this result have on the title race.

Coming into the game Manchester City were up by a point with Liverpool having the edge on both goal difference and goals scored. This is why a win would have been so crucial for Liverpool, as it would have put them comfortably into the driver’s seat. Now with a draw, they are still on the chasing spot, and whilst even one matchday could change everything, they would have preferred to get the edge on the day. Manchester City must be happy that they didn’t lose the game, as they stay top of the league for now. A win in the game would have been a hugely important result for them, as it would have put them four points clear of Liverpool and very likely won the title for them.

Manchester City have by far the easier schedule going forward, with having just two games left against a top 10 team: both West Ham and Wolverhampton Wanderers away. Their other games include a visit to Elland Road to play Leeds and hosting Brighton, Newcastle, Watford and Aston Villa, who all will be hoping to steal some points from the Etihad.

Liverpool’s schedule is much harder, having to host Manchester United, Tottenham, Wolverhampton (all top 10 teams) and Everton, and visiting Newcastle, Aston Villa and Southampton. None of those teams are in the relegation fight and are fighting for positions in midtable.

Both teams are also in Champions League quarter-finals with leads after the first leg, where they play Atletico Madrid and Benfica respectively, and in the FA Cup semifinals, where they will both try to find a way past each other this Saturday.

I would say that with the one point lead and an easier schedule, Manchester City are the favourites. But Liverpool are right there waiting for slip-ups. And at this point, neither team can afford any.

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