New research from has revealed the average cost of a touchdown for every NFL team during the 2021 season.

The New York Giants were named the biggest spenders per touchdown in the league, with every TD costing the team an eye-watering $5.08M on average.

New York Giants fans were also the highest spenders per touchdown, with supporters having to pay around $89 per TD.

When you get right down to it, touchdowns are the essence of football and the main reason fans around the world cheer during a game.

With many ways to score them and the showmanship on display during the celebrations that follow, touchdowns are what football is all about. But have you ever wondered which team and fans paid the most for their touchdowns during the 2021-22 season?

Which NFL teams paid the most per touchdown?

Thanks to the analysis of active player salaries and 2021 season statistics, new research from has revealed which NFL team spent the most money on each TD during the 2021 NFL.

The rankings are as follows:

RankTeamCost of a TDCost of a PointCost of a Win
1New York Giants$5.08M$472,000$30.47M
2Jacksonville Jaguars$4.53M$502,000$42.30M
3Atlanta Falcons$4.28M$451,000$20.16M
4Chicago Bears$3.90M$414,000$21.44M
5Miami Dolphins$3.83M$438,000$16.61M
6Houston Texans$3.73M$413,000$28.93M
7Pittsburgh Steelers$3.70M$366,000$13.96M
8Las Vegas Raiders$3.50M$346,000$12.95M
9Indianapolis Colts$3.28M$378,000$18.95M
10Carolina Panthers$3.02M$318,000$19.35M
11Green Bay Packers$3.01M$361,000$12.50M
12Arizona Cardinals$2.96M$343,000$14.00M
13Cleveland Browns$2.94M$362,000$15.81M
14Washington Commanders$2.92M$322,000$15.43M
15Buffalo Bills$2.90M$343,000$15.05M
16Denver Broncos$2.90M$320,000$15.32M
17New England Patriots$2.89M$319,000$14.76M
18Tennessee Titans$2.88M$337,000$11.76M
19Cincinnati Bengals$2.86M$336,000$15.43M
20Seattle Seahawks$2.82M$349,000$19.71M
21Kansas City Chiefs$2.81M$334,000$13.36M
22San Francisco 49ers$2.76M$324,000$13.82M
23Baltimore Ravens$2.76M$293,000$14.15M
24Dallas Cowboys$2.62M$316,000$13.97M
25New Orleans Saints$2.50M$296,000$11.96M
26LA Chargers$2.48M$304,000$16.01M
27Minnesota Vikings$2.46M$278,000$14.77M
28New York Jets$2.45M$284,000$22.04M
29Tampa Bay Buccaneers$2.37M$292,000$11.47M
30Los Angeles Rams$2.34M$265,000$10.15M
31Detroit Lions$2.19M$235,000$25.51M
32Philadelphia Eagles$2.03M$229,000$11.29M

The New York Giants paid the most per TD over the course of last season, with their 24 touchdowns coming in at an average cost of $5.08M, the highest in the league by over $500,000. The Jacksonville Jaguars came in second place, with their 28 TDs costing them $4.53M on average, and the Atlanta Falcons placed third, with their 33 TDs coming in at $4.28M on average.

The Philadelphia Eagles got the best touchdown return for their money, with their 50 touchdowns costing them an average of just $2.03M. The Detroit Lions managed a great output of 35 TDs with their relatively small salary bill of $76.52M, which resulted in their touchdowns costing them $2.19M on average. The eventual Super Bowl Champions, the Los Angeles Rams, had the third-best TD return for their money, with their 52 TDs costing them $2.34M on average.

Which NFL fans paid the most per touchdown?

With regards to the fans’ perspective, based on the average price of a ticket and home game statistics during the 2021 season, the research also revealed the cost of a touchdown for the fans at the game (assuming all home games were attended):

RankTeamCost of a TDCost of a PointCost of a Win
1New York Giants$88.70$8.24$307
2Las Vegas Raiders$66.73$6.91$276
3Atlanta Falcons$65.98$6.35$422
4Carolina Panthers$60.35$6.34$459
5Pittsburgh Steelers$60.13$5.50$171
6Washington Commanders$55.04$5.40$294
7Chicago Bears$53.43$6.43$328
8New Orleans Saints$52.25$5.10$279
9Jacksonville Jaguars$50.67$4.90$243
10Houston Texans$49.20$5.81$531
11Denver Broncos$46.20$5.34$249
12San Francisco 49ers$45.07$5.51$279
13Cleveland Browns$43.70$5.32$151
14Minnesota Vikings$43.52$4.44$174
15New York Jets$42.80$4.76$282
16Philadelphia Eagles$42.35$4.75$339
17Baltimore Ravens$38.11$4.33$199
18Seattle Seahawks$38.02$4.57$314
19Detroit Lions$36.76$4.16$245
20Los Angeles Rams$35.73$4.38$187
21Tennessee Titans$34.82$4.05$121
22New England Patriots$34.59$4.21$296
23Kansas City Chiefs$34.30$3.81$128
24Miami Dolphins$34.26$3.68$123
25Green Bay Packers$33.93$4.21$129
26Arizona Cardinals$32.63$3.72$226
27Indianapolis Colts$31.50$3.66$227
28Buffalo Bills$27.50$3.13$124
29Cincinnati Bengals$24.86$2.95$148
30Tampa Bay Buccaneers$24.23$3.13$119
31Los Angeles Chargers$21.15$2.62$181
32Dallas Cowboys$20.31$2.74$159

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Not only do the New York Giants themselves pay the most per touchdown in the NFL, but so do their fans! After managing the fewest number of TDs in their home games last season (across the NFL) and with their fans paying $115.31 on average for their tickets into the MetLife Stadium on game day, they paid $88.70 on average for every TD they got to see live in the flesh.

The Dallas Cowboys gave their fans the best value for money per TD. With fans at the AT&T Stadium witnessing more home TDs than any other team over the course of the season and average ticket prices coming in at $99.50, Cowboys fans paid just $20.31 on average for every TD they got to see.


This campaign reveals at what cost teams and fans had to pay per touchdown based on active salaries and home ticket prices during the 2021 regular season.

To discover how much each touchdown, point, and win cost the NFL franchises, 2021 active salaries were acquired from These salaries were then divided by each team’s total points, touchdowns, and wins during the 2021 regular season to see how much each metric cost the teams.

This was then replicated for fan costs, where 2021 average ticket prices were utilized. The fan data was based on the assumption of a fan attending every home game of the regular season.

All figures were summed and ranked by the cost per touchdown, the highest at the top.

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