Major League Soccer has been growing more prominent in the United States recently, as soccer has been previously ranked as the fourth most popular sport in the US behind American football, basketball, and baseball.
Among these popular sports, MLS has grown significantly more popular in recent times, which has caught the attention of punters and sports enthusiasts.

Sports betting has been a staple gambling activity, and soccer has been the most favored game for it as well.

Today we look at the reasons behind MLS’s growth in the US and what punters can do in accordance with its rise.

The Growth of MLS

Major League Soccer’s growth is not limited to the nature of the game but rather the recent expansions and media awareness. The following are some of the reasons why MLS is growing in the US.

Participating Teams

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The increasing number of teams participating in MLS has increased from 10 teams in 1996 to 28 teams now, along with 3 additional teams from Canada in the upcoming 2022 season.

Further expansions are also in the works, leading to a total of 30 MLS teams.

Construction of Stadiums

Plans for constructing soccer stadiums, training facilities, and staff housing are being discussed.

Additionally, an indoor, temperature-controlled environment soccer stadium is in motion in Las Vegas.

Star Athlete, David Beckham

Former English star David Beckham is one of the reasons behind MLS’s growth. His performance in various MLS seasons attracted massive crowds and enticed a great number of Latin Americans to watch the sports. It led to the construction of several fields across the country.

2022 World Cup

The hype surrounding the world cup this year has been high.

The MLS will see another year of the world cup as it did in 1986, in which the US team finished in third place behind Argentina and West Germany.

How to Bet on the MLS

Since more people are now watching the MLS, punters have already taken steps to bet on their teams. The best place to start is always with a betting app. By choosing the #1 rated soccer betting app on Gamble USA, you have a better time making quick bets with the right bookmakers.

You can also get several perks by betting with sportsbook apps, such as promotions and bonuses along with live-streaming and live-betting opportunities for MLS games.

Betting Types

A few MLS betting types are often used by punters whenever they make a bet. Here are some of the betting types you can use as well:

  • Moneyline is the simplest wager as it allows you to choose the winner during the matchup
  • Point Spread is a popular wager in which you bet whether a team wins or loses by a specific number of goals
  • Parlays give you the means to combine odds of several selections in one single wager
  • Futures betting requires the prediction of the odds of a given event. Usually wagered at the start of the season
  • Props betting are not related to the result but rather an individual’s own imagination

The right type can help you secure a potentially big win from MLS matches. Know your markets, odds, and lines, and bet accordingly.


MLS has been growing quite popular in the US in recent times, which has garnered the attention of many. The reasons behind its popularity vary, from celebrities enticing viewers to the construction of stadiums.

Since a lot of people will watch MLS, it is best to come up with the right betting types and gambling apps that let you choose the top sportsbook for making bets.

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