The Premier League season finishes on Sunday, but there is still a lot to play for. Here is a quick rundown of the most important battles that will shape English football in the future.

One is going down (BUR-LEE)

With their midweek win over Crystal Palace, Everton guaranteed a spot in the Premier League, still avoiding the first relegation of the club’s history. That leaves two other clubs, Burnley and Leeds, to fight the relegation. About two weeks ago, I did a more thorough analysis of these teams, and you can read it here:

Into the final game the teams go tied at points, but with Burnley having significantly better goal difference. Because of this, Leeds need to get more points than Burnley. Leeds are playing this season’s surprise Brentford away, whilst Burnley will face off against Newcastle, that have climbed into the mid-table after being one of the hottest teams in this calendar year. Both teams go as the underdog into those games, but need to win to stay up.

Farmers league (MNU-WHU)

Both Manchester United and West Ham have secured an European place for next year, but they are yet to decide on the sixth spot, which will give you Europa League, whilst seventh will play in the Conference League next year. Manchester United have struggled with performances for long, and have been very inconsistent, with a good draw against Chelsea few weeks back, but also looking like an amateur team against Brighton in their last game. They have had a nice long break to regather their thoughts and focus on the prize. West Ham picked up a good draw against Manchester City last Sunday and at times looked like the better team. West Ham are in the chasing position with two points behind their rivals. They do hold a much better goal difference in the event of a tied points situation. Both teams have away games, with Manchester United travelling to Crystal Palace and West Ham travelling to Brighton. Both teams will need to perform to get three points out of those games.

North London rivalry (ARS-TOT)

The final Champions League spot goes down to the wire between two hated rivals. Arsenal gave Tottenham the advantage by losing to Newcastle mid-week. Now, both teams are trying to do their job and win on Sunday. In the case of equal points, Tottenham has the advantage in goal difference. Arsenal faces off against Everton at home, who barely escaped from the relegation battle. Tottenham play bottom of the league Norwich away, and should be an easy win for the Spurs. However, ex-pro Gary Lineker reported of a food poisoning outbreak in the Spurs squad. We will have to see if that has any affects on the playing squad that travels to Norwich.

Title race (MCI-LIV)

By far the most interesting battle there is. The league race. Manchester City have the advantage with a one point lead. They also have the edge on goal difference, so Liverpool’s only shot is if Manchester City bottles it on the last day. Both teams play at home against West Midlands teams with Wolverhampton travelling to Liverpool and Aston Villa travelling to Manchester.

It is not every year that we have a title race going to the last game. But to have that, with a relegation battle, and two European spot battles still coming to the very end is unheard of. Get ready for Sunday everyone, because there are huge stakes on. All games kick off at 11am EST.

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