The frozen tundra. A home crowd so loud it triggers the Richter scale.
Future Hall of Fame QBs dueling.  National TV.
The latest Super Bowl 57 preview.
Those are some of the key elements that make one NFL game more watchable than another.

What are the most – and least – watchable games on the NFL schedule this season? analyzed the 272-game regular-season schedule and ranked every NFL game based on its watchability using a numerical scale that includes projected win totals, Super Bowl odds, and other factors.

How We Did It

Multiple factors were used in creating an algorithm for the Watchability Index. Teams were given points for the following:

  • Each Projected Win On Their Season Over/Under at DraftKings
  • Their Standing (1-32) In Odds To Win The Super Bowl at DraftKings

Individual matchups were also awarded 5 points if they included:

  • Traditional, geographic, or postseason rivalries
  • Are scheduled to air on national TV
  • Include a major secondary storyline in addition to the game itself (i.e., Mike McCarthy’s Return To Green Bay; Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers; a playoff rematch, a potential Super Bowl preview, etc.)
  • Have potential for extreme weather and/or a strong home-field advantage.

Super Bowl odds standings were averaged for each matchup. Ties were broken by the listed point spread, with the lower spread getting ranked higher due to the competitiveness of the matchup.

Top 25 Most Watchable Games This Season

Here are the top 25 games in the Watchability Index for the upcoming NFL season. Games are listed with their week, the matchup, the BWI score, and the current spread as listed at DraftKings.

1.Week 6Bills at Chiefs73BUF -1.5
2.Week 3Packers at Bucs73TB -3.5
3.Week 1Bills at Rams69.5LAR -1
4.Week 14Chiefs at Broncos68.5DEN -4.5
5.Week 10Cowboys at Packers68.5GB -4
6.Week 9Rams at Bucs67.5TB -1.5
7.Week 4Chiefs at Bucs67.5TB -2.5
8.Week 8Packers at Bills67.5GB -4
9.Week 15Rams vs. Packers66.5Pick
10.Week 2Chargers at Chiefs65.5KC -3
11.Week 1Bucs at Cowboys64.5TB -3
12.Week 12Rams at Chiefs64.5KC -2.5
13.Week 11Chiefs at Chargers64LAC -1.5
14.Week 17Rams at Chargers64LAC -1.5
15. (T)Week 14Broncos at Chiefs63.5Pick
15. (T)Week 17Bills at Bengals63.5Pick
17.Week 7Chiefs at 49ers63.5KC -1
18. (T)Week 16Broncos at Rams63.5LAR -3.5
18. (T)Week 849ers at Rams63.5LAR -3.5
20.Week 5Colts at Broncos63DEN -3
21.Week 14Bengals at Bucs63TB -3.5
22.Week 5Cowboys at Rams63LAR -4.5
23.Week 6Broncos at Chargers61.5LAC -3
24.Week 13Chiefs at Bengals61.5Pick
25.Week 349rs at Broncos61DEN -2.5

(T): Denotes Tie

Bills-Chiefs Rematch Tops Watchability List

Photo: USA Today Sports

This season’s most watchable game occurs in Week 6, when the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills meet at 4:25 p.m. ET on Oct. 16 on CBS. This is a rematch of the epic AFC Divisional Round playoff game from last January, won by the Chiefs 42-36 in OT. Josh Allen whiffed on the coin toss. The Chiefs would score on the first possession of OT, but only after 25 points were scored in the final three minutes of regulation. This game resulted in a rule change that guarantees both teams at least one possession in overtime playoff games.

The Bills are favored on NFL betting markets by 1.5 points at DraftKings.

That game edged the Brady-Rodgers rematch scheduled for Week 3 on Sept. 25. The Buccaneers’ home opener tied with the Bills-Chiefs game at 73 in the BWI but finished second due to the current NFL line. It has the Bucs -3.5.

Top 25 Least Watchable Games This Season

Here are the Top 25 least watchable games in the Watchability Index (BWI) for the upcoming NFL season. Games are listed with their week, the matchup, the BWI score, and the current spread as listed at DraftKings.

1.Week 3Texans at Bears13.5CHI -3
2.Week 15Lions at Jets13.5NYJ -2.5
3.Week 11Bears at Falcons14.5Pick
4.Week 5Texans at Jaguars15JAX -3.5
5.Week 17Jaguars at Texans15Pick
6.Week 5Texans at Jaguars15JAX -3.5
7.Week 10Texans at Giants16NYG -3
8.Week 3Falcons at Seahawks16.5SEA -3.5
9.Week 11Commanders at Texans18WAS -3
10.Week 4Seahawks at Lions18DET -1
11.Week 13Jaguars at Lions18.5DET -2
12.Week 17Jets at Seahawks19SEA -1.5
13.Week 13Steelers vs. Falcons19.5PIT -2.5
14.Week 11Lions at Giants19.5NYG -1.5
15.Week 12Falcons at Commanders20WAS -5
16.Week 12Bears vs. Jets20NYJ -2
17. (T)Week 4Bears vs. Giants20.5NYG -2.5
17. (T)Week 8Giants at Seahawks20.5SEA -2.5
17. (T)Week 16Lions at Panthers20.5CAR -2.5
20.Week 7Giants at Jaguars21JAX -1.5
21.Week 2Texans at Broncos21.5DEN -10.5
22.Week 12Texans at Dolphins22MIA -7
23.Week 4Jets vs. Steelers22PIT -3.5
24.Week 10Lions at Bears22CHI -1.5
25.Week 2Panthers at Giants22.5NYG -1

(T): Denotes Tie

Texans-Bears Least Watchable Contest

The least watchable game is scheduled for Week 3 as the Chicago Bears visit Houston. It has a score of 13.5. The teams are projected to win just 11 games combined. The Texans are ranked 32nd when it comes to odds to win the Super Bowl (+25000), while the Bears are tied for 28th at +15000. Both teams begin the season with new coaches, untested second-year starters at quarterback, and low expectations. The game was also shut out in the other categories.

The Texans are featured in seven of the 25 least watchable games.

The moribund Jets visit the Detroit Lions in Week 18 on Dec. 18. That game is ranked 271st in the Watchability Index. Its score is the same as the Texans-Bears game but finished second-to-last due to its slightly smaller point spread.

The NFL has a full schedule on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
The Lions-Panthers game is set for a 1 p.m. ET Christmas Eve kickoff. Only friends and family are expected to be in attendance.

Featured Image: USA Today Sports
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