Which transfers and trades have got newspapers and blogs talking the most in 2022?
With both existing transfers and speculation regarding future trades, there are some huge-money deals taking place across the sports world.

A few trades can make a drastic difference to the NFL odds and chances of winning the Super Bowl or to a soccer team’s prospects of winning the Champions League.

Everyone loves to speculate, and if you can predict transfers, then you may even be able to make some money betting on the future prospects of an NFL team, NBA team, or soccer team.

Russell Wilson

Photo: USA Today Sports

Russell Wilson’s move to the Broncos will have a lot of NFL teams worried about their prospects. The Denver team has an incredible roster now, including brilliant runners, receivers, and defense, and of course, they now have Russell Wilson.

Wilson has every chance of being a Hall of Famer in the future and has led a team to the Super Bowl. He also came incredibly close to winning another with Seattle. The trade was seen as a great bit of business for the AFC West, and though Wilson has always been a dangerous scrambler with incredible accuracy, some people have raised questions related to his age. He’ll be 34 later this year but could well still have a number of years ahead of him. Even if he doesn’t quite regain the high levels we’ve seen in the past, there can be no denying that Wilson improves an already impressive roster.

James Harden

In NBA, James Harden was traded to the 76ers in a trade deal involving Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and some first-round picks. That’s a lot of investment.

Harden is an All-Star, and it has been only a few years since he was named MVP. There’s still a lot of ball in him, even though he is 32 years of age now.

Erling Haaland

To the world of soccer now. Haaland’s transfer to Man City hasn’t happened yet, or at least it hasn’t been confirmed, but it is safe to say that this is one of the worst-kept secrets in the history of sports.

Haaland’s deal will be announced any day now, and in soccer circles, this is bound to have a lot of other teams trembling at the prospect of having to face the big, powerful forward.

Haaland is already setting records in his early 20s. He has scored a lot of goals for every team he has played for and even has an incredible 18 goals in his first 20 appearances for his country, Norway. The fact that he has these 20 caps by the age of 21 is incredible, but to average almost a goal, every game is next level.

Manchester City are rumored to have taken advantage of a release clause in the striker’s contract to get a great deal. There is no denying that the team creates an incredible number of opportunities, and there are few better to put those opportunities away than one of the world’s most prodigious footballers. If he stays at the level he is currently at for his whole career; there is every chance that he will become an all-time great of the game.

Darwin Nunez

This is another striker who has an incredible record at a very young age. We don’t know where he is going yet, but it looks inevitable that the Uruguayan will leave Benfica and head to one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

Nunez will command a fee in the region of $100m if any team is to push this through, but currently, it looks like Liverpool will win the race.

Liverpool’s team is already achieving a lot during the reign of Jurgen Klopp, who has just extended his stay in Merseyside. It looks like they might lose Sadio Mane, who has been linked with a move to Germany, and Nunez is a young and exciting potential replacement. The Reds are trying to go toe-to-toe with Man City again, and the EPL could be exciting to watch for years to come with these youngsters leading the way.


Other than the action on the field or court, the trades and transfers that happen in sports are some of the most exciting events on the calendar.

Many of us are glued to our phones looking for updates and even rumors, so when a huge transfer goes through, it gets us all excited about the future of what our teams could achieve.

Featured Image: USA Today Sports
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