A report from The Action Network highlights the rising cost of tickets across the NFL.

Over the last 15 years, seven NFL teams’ average ticket prices have climbed by +100%.

Cleveland Browns fans have experienced the highest ticket price increases since last season.

Going to see your favorite team live is becoming an expensive gig. According to a report, ticket prices for the NFL are starting to top pre-pandemic levels as more people are wanting to get out and support their team without restrictions.

Despite inflation being at an all-time high, demand for live sport continues to surge. Whilst it’s been noted that demand for sports attendance is usually “unresponsive to price changes,” how have the NFL’s ticket prices increased over the last 15 years and since last season?

Seven NFL team’s ticket prices have increased +100% over the last 15 years.

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The Las Vegas Raiders have taken the crown for the most inflated tickets over the last 15 years. Their average ticket price increased by 147%, and they lead the way with the most expensive average ticket at $153.47 – $13.76 more than the San Francisco 49ers in 2nd place.

Coming in 2nd place are the Seattle Seahawks. While average Seahawks tickets are far cheaper than the Raiders, they share the same fate regarding inflation, with average ticket prices increasing by 134%.

The Packers, 49ers, Texans, Browns, and Bills also sit high on the list, all with a 100% plus increase on average ticket prices.

Below is a table ranking NFL teams by the highest percentage change of average ticket price between 2006 and 2021:

#TeamAverage Ticket Price in 2006*Average Ticket Price in 2021*Percentage Increase
1Las Vegas Raiders$62.23$153.47147%
2Seattle Seahawks$50.46$117.86134%
3Green Bay Packers$58.39$128.93121%
4San Francisco 49ers$63.70$139.71119%
5Houston Texans$56.97$118.07107%
6Cleveland Browns$48.79$100.52106%
7Buffalo Bills$41.29$82.49100%
8Tennessee Titans$47.82$94.0297%
9Pittsburgh Steelers$59.19$114.2493%
10New Orleans Saints$54.86$104.5090%
11Carolina Panthers$60.44$114.6790%
12Philadelphia Eagles$69.00$127.0684%
13Jacksonville Jaguars$45.08$81.0780%
14Baltimore Ravens$62.01$110.5378%
15Atlanta Falcons$60.34$105.5775%
16Indianapolis Colts$60.06$100.8068%
17Arizona Cardinals$51.32$84.8365%
18Los Angeles Rams$63.71$103.6263%
19Denver Broncos$68.55$110.8762%
20Detroit Lions$56.90$91.8961%
21Chicago Bears$77.78$122.9058%
22Miami Dolphins$59.35$92.5156%
23Tampa Bay Buccaneers$67.97$104.2053%
24Minnesota Vikings$71.32$108.7953%
25New York Giants$76.59$115.3151%
26Dallas Cowboys$66.12$99.5050%
27Kansas City Chiefs$67.33$99.4748%
28New England Patriots$90.89$131.4545%
29Washington Commanders$79.13$110.0739%
30Cincinnati Bengals$60.85$82.0535%
31Los Angeles Chargers$62.82$80.3828%
32New York Jets$74.96$94.1626%

*Based on average home game tickets.

At the bottom end, it’s good news for Jets, Chargers, and Bengals fans, as their ticket prices have increased the least.

New York Giants’ average tickets have only experienced a 26% increase over the last 15 years, with prices rising by just $19.20.

Home to the lowest average tickets, the LA Chargers have experienced the 2nd lowest increase, with tickets rising just 28% over the 15-year period, from $62.82 to $80.38.

Cleveland Browns’ average ticket price hits $100.

For the most part, NFL teams’ ticket prices over the last year have remained relatively stable. However, the same can’t be said for the likes of the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Over the last year, Cleveland Browns’ average tickets have reportedly reached the $100+ mark, increasing 21% in just one year from $82.82 to $100.52. However, it’s not all bad news, as their tickets are still the 12th cheapest in the league (on average).

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have experienced a similar outcome, with average tickets jumping above $100 ($104.20). The Bucs have seen a steady rise in prices over the last 15 years, with tickets increasing 53% – meaning they appear in the bottom 10 NFL teams for ticket price increases.

Below is a table ranking NFL teams by the highest percentage change of average ticket price between 2020 and 2021:

#TeamAverage Ticket Price in 2020*Average Ticket Price in 2021*Percentage Increase
1Cleveland Browns$82.82$100.5221%
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers$89.48$104.2016%
3Buffalo Bills$74.95$82.4910%
4Miami Dolphins$84.36$92.5110%
5Denver Broncos$104.99$110.876%
6Kansas City Chiefs$94.63$99.475%
7Indianapolis Colts$95.98$100.85%
8Carolina Panthers$109.81$114.674%
9Cincinnati Bengals$79.37$82.053%
10Los Angeles Chargers$78.38$80.383%


The data was collected through Statista, which revealed the average ticket prices for each NFL side.

Data is corrected as of June 2022.

Featured Image: Getty Images
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