Everyone knows baseball is synonymous with ‘America’s Pastime.’ Decades and decades of ballparks packed with cheering fans, greasy hotdogs in one hand and a cold beer in the other.
Songs have been written about the game, how much people love the sport, and the experience of watching and hearing the ball crack off the end of a bat. 

But what if America has a new pastime? One that at the very least equals if not eclipses baseball in pop culture presence and significance to American history and culture. 

Sports Betting.

Photo: Reflections On Baseball

It’s pretty likely that if you’ve turned on the TV to watch a game of any kind over the past few years, you’ll have seen an advertisement or two for the latest sports betting app to have launched in your state. 

And sure, 57% of the country is in favor of the legalization of online sports betting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people know a whole lot about it. When you have a look at media and betting, there is generally a pretty simplistic take on the matter – winner and loser (sometimes the occasional mention of one player doing particularly well). Still, there is a whole lot more to America’s new favorite pastime.

How Much Do We Know About Sports Betting?

Earlier this year bettingapps.com conducted a survey about this topic and found that even though the majority of respondents were in favor of allowing online betting, not that many people were clued up on the intricacies. In fact, only 50% of people actually knew the federal ban on sports betting had even been lifted in 2018, and less than 40% were knowledgeable on whether betting was legal in their state. 

Fair enough, this is still a new industry, but surely people at least know how to bet and understand odds?

Nope, 37.5% of Americans have no idea how to read odds, and a further 32% only understand the basics, like money line betting. Picking a winner and loser may be the most common way to bet, but there are tons of variations, and we’ve even seen sites like Bookies Bonuses US list of the best parlay betting sites for those ready to test a more exciting wagering prospect. 

Is This Really the New American Pastime?

Well, it seems like the evidence doesn’t really lend itself to the claim that baseball may soon be playing second fiddle in the eyes of Americans since it sure seems like we don’t really even know much about sports betting. 

But it’s not all about who is clued up on the subject – baseball has a long history in the US, over 150 years long, and so does betting, with events like the Belmont Stakes horse race dating back to 1867. And when you factor in pop culture, it’s fair to say there are far more Hollywood interpretations of gambling and betting than baseball or any single sport for that matter. 

So even though there is a lot for Americans to learn about sports betting now that it has become part of our daily lives and very present in sporting culture, there’s no reason we can’t consider it a new favorite pastime. Hey, there are still plenty of people that don’t know the rules of baseball!

So while it may have a few more years before people’s love for dropping a few bucks on a bet outshines the love for peanuts and cracker jacks, sports betting is here to stay. 

Featured Image: Reflections On Baseball
Survey Data: bookiesbonuses.com/us
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