Born in California, USA, on November 25, 1914, Joseph Paul DiMaggio, also known as Joltin’ Joe and the Yankee Clipper, is considered one of the best all-around baseball players of all time.
An exceptional hitter and fielder, DiMaggio is an icon of American baseball, changing the way the game was played for generations to come.

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Joe DiMaggio’s parents were Italian immigrants who fished for a living. Far from the opulence that DiMaggio experienced in his adult life, his early years saw him quit school at 14 before starting to play baseball with his brother Vincent at the age of 17. Here, DiMaggio started playing for the minor league team, the San Francisco Seals.

In 1936, at the age of 21, DiMaggio was bought by the New York Yankees, giving him his first taste of the major leagues.

During his first (rookie) season, DiMaggio batted .323 during the regular season for the Yankees before batting .346 when playing the New York Giants in the World Series. 

One year later, in 1937, DiMaggio was the leader of the number of home runs in the American League, as well as runs scored. In 1939 and 1940, he averaged .381 and .352, leading the batting in the American League. These early days started to cement DiMaggio’s reputation as a consistent hitter, and a streak of 61 consecutive games in the 1933 season proved how consistent a player he was.

It was no surprise that Joe DiMaggio started to break records in major league baseball. For instance, in 56 consecutive games during 1941, DiMaggio hit safely for everyone. This smashed the previous record of 44 games, set all the way back in 1897. To this day, no player has managed to hit in more than 44 consecutive matches. 

As well as being an outstanding hitter, DiMaggio was an athletic and highly skilled fielder. In 1947, he tied the American League fielding record, making only one error in an astonishing 141 games. Many fans perceived DiMaggio as a “lazy” fielder, as he was so languid in his position in center field. But he was there to catch, and catch was what he did so well.

DiMaggio was key to the Yankees’ success during 1936 and 1951. During this time, the team won nine World Series Titles (1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1947, 1949, 1950, and 1951). Success was found in other tournaments, too, with the Yankees winning 10 American League Championships during the same period.

From 1943 to 1945, he served in the military for World War II.

Who knows what other records would have been broken during this time?

In 1939, 1941, and 1947, DiMaggio won the distinguished Most Valuable Player Award for the American League. And finally, the end of the 1951 season saw the end of one of the greatest baseball player’s careers of all time.

After retiring, DiMaggio was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1955. 

Personal Life

Even those who do not follow baseball, or know little about the game, have probably heard of Joe DiMaggio through his personal life and relationships. Most famously of all was his marriage to Hollywood film star and another icon, Marilyn Monroe. Married in 1954, the two became symbols of American culture during the time and continue to be to this day.

Although they were only married for less than a year, both DiMaggio and Monroe maintained a close bond until her untimely death in 1962.  

During his retirement, DiMaggio was a spokesperson for various commercial concerns. He was also known for his tireless work for different charities. 

Even at the end of his life, Joe DiMaggio was loved by baseball fans around the world. His death in 1999 came with great sorrow, but his legacy of being one of the most gifted players with phenomenal skills has always remained. 

Joe DiMaggio Playing Stats

Joe DiMaggio played the majority of his career as a center fielder. Here, he excelled, becoming one of the best in that position the game has ever seen. 

He batted and threw right-handed, and at 6 foot 2 inches, he may not have been the tallest in the game, but he certainly had a strong presence wherever he was on the field.

Here’s a summary of his career:

  • Wins Above Replacement (WAR) – 79.2
  • At Bats (AB) – 6821
  • Hits/Hits Allowed (H) – 2214
  • Home Runs Hit/Allowed (HR) – 361
  • Hits/At Bats (BA – .325
  • Runs Scored (Allowed) – 1390
  • Runs Batted In (RBI) – 1537
  • Stolen Bases (SB) – 30
  • OBP – .398
  • SLG – .579
  • On-Base & Slugging Percentages (OPS) – .977
  • OPS + – 155

In Summary

Joe DiMaggio’s MLB career is one to cherish.

With nine MLB titles won with the Yankees and ten American League Pennants, DiMaggio is firmly cemented as a legend in the baseball world.

A member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, not many players come close to Joe DiMaggio’s records, and this is unlikely to change any time soon.

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