Sports are the blood and sweat of India and the citizens of India value sportspersons as their own family and kin.
Sports such as Hockey, Cricket, Football, and Tennis are extremely popular in India, and many young kids are trained at the school level to find the talent within them. 

Many schools and colleges are sports-oriented, and the government also supports sportsmen by awarding them jobs in government sectors. But there is always a lack of talent or the resources to train talent in India.

The candidates and coaches in India do not have a common platform where they can meet and be picked up mutually for training and coaching benefits. 

Both parties are forever looking for the right fit so that they can reap the benefits from each other. The lack of proper support, infrastructure, finance, and community is why most talented sportspersons and coaches in India do not get the recognition they deserve.

It is time to bring about a revolution to change this pattern. 

What is Sports Coaching?

Coaching is the term for mentoring a person, mostly a sportsperson, by training them and sharing tips, and techniques, making practice regimens, and helping such sportspersons to achieve their best ability through appropriate training. 

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Coaching is a term immediately associated with Sports, and most people are as familiar with Sports coaches as they are with sportspersons. Having the right coach is an absolute necessity, and only the right coach can find the right way to prepare a candidate and bring out the best in them. 

In India, all major leagues, such as Hockey, Football, Cricket, Wrestling, Boxing, etc., all of these sports are coach oriented. A coach is usually an athlete or an experienced sportsperson from the same sport which has either retired or taken up coaching other students for passion. 

Finding the right coach is significant for the candidate and the coach as they both stand a chance to benefit from each other. The mutual relationship between a coach and his candidate is unique, and the bond they share is something amazing because of which both of them can achieve the best of heights in their career. 

Modern and Futuristic Sports Coaching

Most Indian sports enthusiasts are unable to rise to fame or get recognized because of the lack of a good coach. Many people are either not able to find a good coach or simply cannot afford one. Many in rural sections of India are short on funding, and the lack of infrastructure causes them to cease their aspiration toward sports. 

To solve such hurdles that sportspersons are facing in the country, innovative technologies in the form of apps have come into place. Sports enthusiasts can now showcase their talents on apps and be recognized by the community, acquire the required funding, find the right support, and even be picked up by the best coaches in the Industry who can train them to reach new heights. 

The modern and futuristic approach toward sports coaching has made a lot of difference for those who are in this industry.
Many have been able to find the right coach for their passion, and good coaches in India who were looking for the right talent have been able to enroll in the apps to find the best candidates that they can train and help achieve laurels. 

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