New research has ranked the most loved WWE main events along with the most loved Superstars at SummerSlam.

By analyzing all Reddit and Twitter mentions of each event, the report identifies SummerSlam as the Internet’s favorite WWE event of the year, with the WWE’s most recent event, Money in the Bank, ranking at the bottom of the list.

Logan Paul was revealed to be one of the Internet’s Favorite Superstars, with just Happy Corbin leading him in positive sentiment.

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With SummerSlam right around the corner, and Roman Reigns set to take on Brock Lesnar in A Last Man Standing match for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, WWE fans are bursting with excitement for the main event of the summer – Logan Paul has also made a lot of noise online after announcing that he’ll be taking on The Miz at SummerSlam. But have you wondered if WWE fans are actually excited to see Logan Paul in the ring?

Well, thanks to new research, the Internet’s Favorite WWE Superstars at SummerSlam have been revealed. By utilizing the social listening tool Linkfluence, they also acquired the online sentiment data surrounding every WWE Event on the current calendar, ranking them based on their positive sentiment, to discover the Internet’s most loved WWE event.

The positive sentiment data was acquired from Reddit and Twitter, highlighting any words, phrases, hashtags, and/or emojis which were known to be positive/happy terms online.

Logan Paul is already a Fan Favorite.

Logan Paul has made an impact in the short amount of time he’s been in the WWE, with fans seeing him as one of their favorite Superstars at SummerSlam.

The following table ranks the Superstars on the SummerSlam in terms of positive sentiment:

WWE SuperstarPositive SentimentNegative Sentiment
Happy Corbin76.50%5.91%
Logan Paul64.39%12.70%
Liv Morgan55.60%4.82%
Roman Reigns35.20%13%
Bianca Belair32.60%12.60%
Ronda Rousey30.30%8.79%
The Usos25.30%14.50%
Becky Lynch24.10%9.80%
Pat McAfee22.40%8.30%
Bobby Lashley19.60%8.47%
Seth Rollins18.30%19.40%
Brock Lesnar17.10%16.50%
The Street Profits14.40%14.30%
The Miz13.90%8.54%

SummerSlam Takes the Number 1 Spot

According to online posts on Reddit and Twitter, the Internet’s most loved WWE event is SummerSlam, with 42.4% of online mentions about the event being positive. Clash at the Castle pips WrestleMania to the number two spot on the leaderboard, with 39.7% of posts online being positive compared to 34.4% for WrestleMania.

WWE’s most recent main event, Money in the Bank, came in at rock bottom of the list, and by quite some way. With only 13.3% of online posts being positive, the event sits clear in last place, with Elimination Chamber (18.7%) and Hell in a Cell (18.8%) making up the rest of the least loved events.

Below is a list of WWE main events in order of positive sentiment percentage from Reddit and Twitter:

RankWWE EventPercentage of Online Posts Which Were Positive
2Clash at the Castle39.7%
5Extreme Rules31.5%
6WWE Day 126.3%
7Royal Rumble23.3%
8Crown Jewel23.1%
9Survivor Series20.4%
10Hell in a Cell18.8%
11Elimination Chamber18.7%
12Money in the Bank13.3%

What Does the Internet Really Think About Vince McMahon?

The research also revealed how the Internet feels about the man who organizes the events, Vince McMahon.

According to the results, the Mac Daddy is a polarizing character – however, it appears the Internet hates him more than it loves him, with 12.90% of posts online about him being negative, compared to just 9.57% positive (all other posts were deemed neutral).


To collect the data, social listening was conducted through Linkfluence, which scanned all mentions of each event on Reddit and Twitter. Each WWE event was analyzed through the social listening tool, revealing the number of online posts and discussions which were deemed positive.

The positive sentiment data acquired highlighted any words, phrases, hashtags, and/or emojis which were known to be positive/happy terms online.

Featured Image: FOX News
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