Britain’s Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton is now in joint ownership of the Denver Broncos during one of the most expensive takeovers in sporting history – but what will this mean for the Broncos?

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Since Lewis’ announcement of the takeover, Google searches for ‘Lewis Hamilton’ have witnessed a +900% increase in Google search terms within the last day across the UK.

The Action Network took a deep dive into Google search terms and found that ‘NFL’ has also risen by 1050%, and ‘the Denver Broncos’ by 110% in the last 24 hours across the UK.

Having the most successful F1 driver backing your team is expected to set a standard of excellence, according to Rob Walton.

With Hamilton having millions of fans worldwide, could this be the start of the Broncos going global?

What do the UK & US think of Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis HamiltonPositive %Negative %
United States12.4%4.01%
United Kingdom17.3%8.13%

Across the UK and the US, Lewis has seen a positive reaction across social media, with the US having a 12.4% positive score and the UK 17.3% when looking at the social media hype around the takeover throughout the last 7 days.

Lewis’ investment could mean more fans, bigger investments from other parties, and a lot more merch coming the Bronco’s way.

In the last 24 hours, Lewis Hamilton, Colorado, and the Broncos have witnessed a massive increase in Google search terms – fans and critics are expecting the Broncos to see a huge change in global popularity in the coming years.

Featured Image: Autosport
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