Dr. Amy Lewis, chair of the newly-created Player Advocacy Committee and wife of retired NFL player Kenneth Jenkins, announced a collaboration with Chris Seeger of Seeger Weiss LLP, Class Counsel for the Retired Players in the NFL Concussion Settlement, to ensure that retired players have more access to information concerning their rights under the NFL Concussion Settlement and a new forum in which player concerns can be addressed.

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The Player Advocacy Committee made up of retired players, wives of retired players, and subject matter experts, will address issues ranging from ease of applying for compensation; communication and transparency for all former players and their families; identifying and finding solutions for bottlenecks in the claims process, and ensuring that more retired players and their families receive the badly needed benefits provided for under the terms of the NFL Concussion Settlement.

“Retired Players have rightly felt distrustful of the way in which the NFL has created barriers to receiving compensation in the NFL Concussion Settlement program. We are optimistic that this collaboration represents a good first step for many retired players and their families,” says Dr. Lewis.

Chris Seeger adds:

“Our collective mission is to help as many retired players and their families as possible by increasing their access to information and by ensuring greater equity and transparency going forward. Our first meeting in New York was successful and set a positive tone for the way we can work together effectively going forward.”

In addition to Dr. Amy Lewis, D.Ac., Dipl. Ac., Player Advocacy Committee members include Roxanne Gordon and Lacey Leonard (wives of retired players), Ken Jenkins, Ricky Ray, Charles Mann, and Paul Frase (retired players); and Dr. Chris Nowinski (Co-founder and CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation).

Featured Image: Kiyoshi Mio/USA TODAY Sports
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