New research from reveals the smartest teams in the NFL based on average Wonderlic scores.

The Minnesota Vikings came out on top as the smartest team ahead of the 2022 season, with the Arizona Cardinals coming in last place.

The research also revealed the smartest players in the league, with Blaine Gabbert from the Bucs taking the crown.


The NFL is one of the most physically demanding leagues in the world, with its players demonstrating a level of speed and power that is rarely seen across other sports. However, there’s no point in having all that brawn if you don’t have the brains to put it to good use – even if you’re twice as fast as your opponent, if they can outsmart you on the field, they’ll more than likely take home the win.

With this in mind, have you ever wondered which are currently the smartest teams in the NFL?

After analyzing all available Wonderlic scores of active players in the NFL, new research from has revealed the smartest teams based on average scores of players on the 2022 roster, along with the top 10 smartest players in the NFL based on their own individual scores.

Ranking The Smartest Teams in the NFL

The following table ranks every team in the NFL in order of average Wonderlic scores:

RankTeamAverage Wonderlic Score
1Minnesota Vikings28.73
2Houston Texans28.11
3Pittsburgh Steelers27.44
4Chicago Bears26.75
5Washington Commanders26.50
6Los Angeles Chargers26.08
7Indianapolis Colts25.75
8Detroit Lions25.60
9Cincinnati Bengals25.58
10Las Vegas Raiders25.00
11Atlanta Falcons24.83
12San Francisco 49ers24.62
13Green Bay Packers24.50
14New York Jets24.44
15Carolina Panthers24.40
16New Orleans Saints24.33
17Tampa Bay Buccaneers24.25
18Baltimore Ravens24.20
18=New England Patriots24.20
18=Philadelphia Eagles24.20
21Buffalo Bills24.13
22Los Angeles Rams24.00
23Jacksonville Jaguars23.78
24Cleveland Browns23.65
25Kansas City Chiefs23.62
26Tennessee Titans23.33
27Dallas Cowboys22.83
28Miami Dolphins22.40
29Denver Broncos21.50
30New York Giants21.38
31Seattle Seahawks20.60
32Arizona Cardinals20.50

The Minnesota Vikings come out on top as the smartest team in the NFL, with an average Wonderlic score of 28.73. In the second place, with a score of 28.11, are the Houston Texans, who are closely followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers in third place with a score of 27.44.

The Arizona Cardinals came dead last with an average score of 20.5, just below that of the Seattle Seahawks, who have an average score of 20.6.

Ranking the Current Smartest Players in the NFL

The following table ranks the top 10 currently active players in the NFL based on their individual Wonderlic Scores:



1=Blaine GabbertQuarterbackTampa Bay Buccaneers42
1=Gardner MinshewQuarterbackPhiladelphia Eagles42
1=Nick AllegrettiGuardKansas City Chiefs42
4=Carson WentzQuarterbackWashington Commanders40
4=Sean MannionQuarterbackMinnesota Vikings40
6Chase AllenTight EndChicago Bears39
6=Jonah WilliamsOffensive TackleCincinnati Bengals39
6=Justin HerbertQuarterbackLos Angeles Chargers39
6=Anthony NelsonLinebackerTampa Bay Buccaneers39
10Dawson KnoxTight EndBuffalo Bills38

When it comes to individual players, there’s a three-way tie at the top of the leader board, with Blaine Gabbert of the Bucs, Gardner Minshew of the Eagles, and Nick Allegretti of the Chiefs all claiming the top spot as the Smartest Players in the NFL with a Wonderlic score of 42.


To determine the NFL’s smartest teams for 2022, we scanned the web to retrieve the Wonderlic scores of currently active players (those who appear on an NFL roster ahead of the 2022 season).

All Wonderlic scores were added together and divided by the number of values in the data set to calculate an average team score. The higher the average score, the smarter the team. Importantly, not all Wonderlic scores are made public, so average team scores are an estimation based on available data.

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