Are you trying to make money playing blackjack? It’s a much easier casino game than you think.
You don’t have to fear the calculations involved. In reality, blackjack is one of the simplest casino games. 

With a bit of practice, you can improve your chances of winning, and if you get distracted easily in a land-based casino, then online versions have solved this problem for you.

It’s more convenient and accessible to play online blackjack. The gameplay and rules are the same, but the only difference is the atmosphere. If you wish to play a live blackjack game online, the overall gaming experience is closer to the physical one. But if you play at a programmed version, nothing changes. RNG technology ensures the game is fair.

Online casinos are safer and more secure. They offer 24/7 customer service and several ways to deposit and withdraw methods. So, the only thing remaining is winning the online jackpot of real money.

Below, we have discussed the best strategies and tips for winning an online blackjack game.

Fewer Decks of Cards

The most profitable blackjack version is a game with a few decks of cards. It’s rare to find, but a few decks make it easy to count cards.

Card counting helps to remember the cards and make a move accordingly. However, this trick does not work all the time. The cards are generated randomly, and it’s impossible to predict the next card. But playing with fewer decks of cards helps you learn the ropes of the game quickly.

Never Split Tens

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It’s tempting to have a pair of tens. Players often make a rookie mistake and split tens into two hands in the quest of making two winning hands. This move is a long shot and has a high chance of losing. When you have a pair of tens, that means you are at 20. In this scenario, raise the amount of bet.

If you split the pair, it will bring the dealer back in the game after having a weaker hand. Luck plays a role in blackjack, so why not take the luck factor out? When you have a potentially winning hand, your responsibility is to milk that hand.

Double Down on 11

Blackjack is a game of known quantities. In case of receiving the starting hand of 11, double your bet. Unless it is an ace, always double down regardless of the dealer’s face-up card. There is a high chance of you receiving a ten, and it will take your total to 21. And if you receive an eight or nine, your total will be 19 or 20. In both cases, you will have a possible winning hand.

There are other combinations that you can double down. There is a strategy card that you can refer to available in online casinos.

Play at High RTP Blackjack Tables

In online casinos, return to player percentage has significant importance. You do not want the casino to take a large chunk of your earnings. It’s easy to find RTP in online casinos. Most have written on their websites, or you can calculate it.

To calculate the RTP, take the house edge and subtract it from 100. It’s critical to research before sitting at an online blackjack table.

Do Not Take the Insurance Bet

The insurance bet is a trap designed for casinos to make money. Online blackjack games offer an insurance bet when the dealer has an ace. This bet aims to offset losses you will make when the dealer hits the blackjack.

The dealer’s odds of having a blackjack are not enough to uphold the insurance bet. Plus, the price you pay and the return on insurance do not justify this move.

Final Thoughts

These tips for playing online blackjack are helpful for beginners.

You bet your hard-earned money when you play a real game. So, it’s critical to ensure you are equipped and know the best strategies for winning.

Featured Image: Sam Goh/Unsplash
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