In the age of the modern-day athlete, financial transparency has never been greater.
We know all the inside workings of the big contracts, the glossy sponsorships, and the sneaker deals… but just how much are Canadian athletes raking in from the comfort of their own home?

The Social Media Money list ranks the highest earning Canadian athlete through paid Instagram posts… so who is Social King of the Great White North?

Key Findings Include:

  • Alphonso Davies (soccer player for Bayern Munich) is the richest Canadian athlete through Insta, earning an eye-watering $27.1K PER sponsored post on the app
  • Georges St-Pierre (retired UFC fighter) came in second place, being paid a cool $21.7K PER Insta post
  • Tristan Thompson (NBA player) is the third highest earner, cashing in $16.3K PER Insta post


A full Rundown on the Highest Earners

The report filters through athletes from NBA, soccer, NFL, MLB, UFC, and more. But it’s soccer, NBA, and UFC that take the top spots as the highest earners. Bayern Munich’s Davies is the highest earner on Instagram. Not only is the 21-year-old soccer player one of the fastest in the world, but he is also one of the players cashing in big money through social media. It takes just one sponsored Insta post for Davies to earn an easy $27.1K.

In second place is retired UFC fighter, Georges St-Pierre. This may come as a surprise to some seeing as he’s been out of the game for over 3 years now. However, it seems he’s found a way to entertain his fans, out of the ring. The UFC star cashes in an estimated $21.7K per Instagram post.

In third place, we have Tristan Thompson, a well-known NBA player and ex-beau of Khloe Kardashian. It seems his Instagram career hasn’t taken a hit after recent cheating allegations, earning $16.3K per sponsored post.

Alphonso Davies, the highest earning Canadian Athlete on Instagram:


NBA Players Dominate the List

7 out of the 19 players highlighted are NBA stars, who collectively have 7.5M followers on Instagram, and earn a total of $29.2K per sponsored post.

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