Many avid NFL fans are incredibly loyal to their teams, and that loyalty bleeds over to their home stadiums, too.
Fans grow attached to the field, history, and the name itself.

For example, take the Pittsburgh Steelers’ home stadium. Formerly known as Heinz Field, the team’s stadium was changed to Acrisure Stadium in July 2022 – and Steelers fans aren’t too pleased about it.

With so much uproar over the devotion to NFL stadium names, we decided to ask NFL fans their thoughts about stadium names and how well they can identify the names of NFL stadiums. We surveyed more than 1,000 NFL fans across the country to determine the most recognizable stadium names in the league as well as the overall best and worst stadium names in the league. We also put them to the test to see how well they could accurately name their own home team’s stadium.

Most and Least Recognizable NFL Stadiums

Most and least recognizable NFL stadium names
Photo: Penn Bets
Most and least recognizable NFL stadium names

We gave fans a list of every NFL team and asked them to write the full name of the team’s stadium. It turns out the rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears is more than just on the field. The Packers and Bears stadiums, Lambeau Field and Soldier Field were the top two most recognized in the league among football fans, but the Packers edged out the Bears 58% to 51%.

Other top recognized stadiums were the New England Patriots Gillette Stadium (44%), the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium (41%), and the LA Rams’ SoFi Stadium (32%).

Overall, fans struggled to correctly name the majority of NFL stadiums. Less than 70% could name 26 of the 32 NFL team stadiums. A whopping 90% could not remember the name of the Empower Field at Mile High (Denver Broncos), TIAA Bank Field (Jacksonville Jaguars), Acrisure Stadium (Pittsburgh Steelers), and GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City Chiefs), which, let’s be honest, is quite a mouthful.

Best and Worst NFL Stadium Names

The 10 best and worst stadium names
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The 10 best and worst stadium names

The Steelers just can’t win when it comes to their new stadium name. Fans ranked Acrisure Stadium as the worst stadium name, along with GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium and TIAA Bank Field.

As for the top stadiums, Lambeau and Soldier Field continue to reign. Another NFL fan favorite is the New Orleans Saints’ Caesars Superdome, which just recently got its “Caesars” name in 2021. It appears fans didn’t mind the change. Before that, the Superdome was known as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for 10 years.

How Do Fanbases Feel About Their Team’s Stadium Name?

NFL stadium name rankings
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NFL stadium name rankings

How do fanbases feel about their own team’s stadium name? Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers) topped the list as the most beloved name among a team’s fanbase. Chicago Bears fans also have a soft spot in their heart for Soldier Field, which ranked No. 2. Bears fans were followed by Detroit Lions (Ford Field), Cincinnati Bengals (Paul Brown Stadium), and Miami Dolphins (Hard Rock Stadium).

However, Bengals fans are going to have to get used to a big change this season. In August 2022, the Bengals announced Paul Brown Stadium is now Paycor Stadium. That makes Lambeau Field and Soldier Field the only stadiums in the league without corporate names attached to them.

As mentioned earlier, Steelers fans are not happy with the newly named Acrisure Stadium. According to our survey, Steelers fans gave the new name a 2.26 rating out of 5, which was not too far behind the TIAA Bank Field (Jacksonville Jaguars), MetLife Stadium (New York Jets), and FirstEnergy Stadium (Browns).

Which NFL Stadium Name Needs a Rebranding?

Fans happiest with stadium name
Photo: Penn Bets
Fans happiest with stadium name

Steelers fans made it clear: they want their team’s new stadium name changed. However, they’ll have to be patient. It will remain the Acrisure Stadium for at least 15 years (that’s 2038!) because of the naming rights deal. Fans won’t have to wait as long for the Jacksonville Jaguars TIAA Bank Field. The company only holds the naming rights until 2024.

Other stadiums fans would like to rename include the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, and Washington Commanders. Unfortunately, Jets fans will have to wait almost as long as Steelers fans. MetLife stadium has the naming rights until at least 2036.

As for the stadiums, fans love the most, the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears should win the Superbowl…at least when it comes to their names! These two fanbases are the most satisfied with their team stadium names. Just behind the two teams are the Detroit Lions (3rd), the Cincinnati Bengals (based on Paul Brown Stadium) (4th), and the Miami Dolphins (5th).


To determine our ranking, we surveyed more than 1,000 NFL fans nationwide. Fans were given a list of each NFL team and asked to write in the name of every team’s stadium name (as of August 2022). Minor spelling errors were allowed.

In the instance of the Caesars Superdome, 24% of fans wrote “Superdome,” while only 10% accurately identified the stadium as “Caesars Superdome.” In the instance of Empower Field at Mile High, 35% of fans wrote “Mile High” and left out “Empower Field.” For the recently renamed Acrisure Stadium (formerly Heinz Field), 27% reported “Heinz Field,” while only 6% wrote “Acrisure Stadium.” Elsewhere, 37% referred to GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium as “Arrowhead Stadium.” Only 2% accurately wrote the full stadium name.

Note: this survey was completed before the Cincinnati Bengals’ name change from the Paul Brown Stadium to Paycor Stadium.
Among respondents, 50% were male, and 50% were female, with an average age of 40.

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