Matt Rhule risks losing job without Baker Mayfield, says ...

On Monday, the Carolina Panthers announced that Matt Rhule (Go Owls) had been let go of his duties as Head Coach, making him the first in the NFL this season. So who’s possibly next to be let go?


Ron Rivera- Washington Commanders

Ron Rivera Presser: It's not panic time, but there is a sense of urgency - Hogs Haven

Riverboat Ron has had a great NFL career. Unfortunately, his time with the Redskins/Football Team/Commanders has not been good. While he made the playoffs in year one with a 7-9 record, the past two seasons, he hasn’t had a winning season. Now starting 1-4 while everyone else in the NFC East is 4-1 or better, and it seems this will be Ron’s last year in DC. 


Frank Reich-Indianapolis Colts

Colts Frank Reich Ranked as the NFL's 13th Best Head Coach Again - Stampede Blue

Like Rivera, Reich has had a different QB every season he has been HC of the Colts. Also, like Rivera, his team seems to take a step back every year he has been in charge. Reich made the playoffs in year 1, just missed in year 2, and the team looks to finish at .500 in year three barely. Owner Jim Irsay is said to be frustrated and, if not turned around, will clean house.


Dan Campbell- Detroit Lions

Lions coach Dan Campbell losing tactical battles with bad decisions

Motivation only goes so far. We know Campbell doesn’t lack the leadership of an HC, but eventually, wins have to come. They are 1-4 and look to have one of the worst records in the NFL, despite leading the NFL in points per game through 4 weeks. I think he gets one more year to turn around the defense, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he was let go.


Kliff Kingsbury- Arizona Cardinals 

Moore: It's on Kliff Kingsbury to pull Cardinals out of their freefall

Back-to-back years the Cardinals under Kingsbury have started fast and ended poorly. Well, they have begun badly this year, as they are 2-3. The relationship between him and Kyler is not there with all the off-season drama with the contract language and letting Kyler call plays in the preseason to “prove a point.” One has to go; Kyler already got the extension; it seems like Kingsbury is the odd man out.

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