Once the schedules are announced for sporting events, the most eager fans look for the matchups they want to see in the upcoming season.
There are plenty of NFL games and Premier League matches that fans will pay big money to see.

In fact, recent data by Statista, sourced by Fair Betting Sites, suggests that the cost of going to a sporting event in the US can get a bit out of control compared to the UK.

Average NFL Ticket Prices Cost Nearly 3x More Compared To Premier League Games

Ticket prices for NFL games are significantly higher than Premier League matches.

In fact, the average NFL ticket costs 3x more than the cost of attending a Premier League game, according to data provided to Fair Betting Sites.

To watch a Premier League match, the average fan pays about £32 or $35.80 USD.

That compares to about $107.05 for the average NFL game.

Fans are also forced to pay more to eat and drink at NFL stadiums and NBA arenas than fans who attend Premier League games.

Average NFL Ticket Prices Hit $107 In 2021

According to data provided to Fair Betting Sites, the average NFL ticket price comes in at a whopping $107.05.

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Las Vegas Raiders has the highest average ticket price for any NFL team, at $153 USD per ticket.

This makes sense since the team moved to a new home at Allegiant Stadium.

Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, ranks seventh in average concession prices around the league.

At $10 USD per beer and $6 USD per hot dog, the cost for two people is an astounding $32 USD.

The Los Angeles Chargers have the least expensive average ticket price at $80 USD.

73% Of Premier League Fans Pay Less Than £40 Per Match

While there are plenty of marquee matchups in the Premier League as well, eager fans will not be forced to pay nearly as much to attend an event compared to sports fans in the US.

Most fans (53 percent) continue to pay £30 or less per match.

The average price paid for a Premier League ticket is £32.

  • 21% of fans pay less than £20.
  • 52% of fans pay between £20 and £40
  • 20% of fans pay between £40 and £60
  • Only 6% pay more than £60 to attend a game

The cost of a pint at a Premier League game hovers around £5.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is the most expensive for pies and pints.

Featured Image: World Soccer Talk
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