Work all the muscles of your abdomen, back, and butt at once with the “Pallof Press” – it is more effective than any plank.
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And the best is that it strengthens your mental health above all. Exercising has positive effects on your body. But you should know how to do it properly.

Those who find exercises to tone the body a nuisance can, after all, work out many muscle groups at once with the “Pallof Press.” 

The “Pallof Press” is a core exercise that works all the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and back.

The exercise may be more effective than a Plank because it puts less stress on the wrists and lower back. It is important that you perform the Pallof Press accurately.

To do this, you should avoid twisting and intensify the exercise by keeping a static posture.

Does it Really Help?

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According to personal trainers, you do not have to do plank exercises to get a strong, sculpted abdomen. Planks can build muscle, but another underrated exercise called the Pallof Press is just as good or even better for toning abs:

The exercise involves the whole body, but you really feel it in the core. The “Pallof Press” requires you to brace yourself with a strong band in front of you, which forces your abs, lower body, arms, and back to work together. This exercise is, therefore, very suitable for strengthening the stability of the whole body and especially the core.

How Does it Work?

For the “Pallof Press,” position yourself parallel to the power band and hold the handle or end at chest level. Make sure the band is taut. Slowly push outward until your arms are fully extended, hold the position, and then return to the starting position in a controlled manner.

Be sure to alternate sides to work your muscles evenly. The exercise builds muscle by making your body work against the pressure of the band, working your entire core, from your glutes to your obliques. Your body resists rotation, so it is very functional. The exercise also promotes stability in the shoulders and upper back, similar to a plank but without pressure on the wrists.

The “Pallof Press” also spares the lower back, which can be stressed to fatigue with a plank. With a plank, gravity pushes directly into your lower back, so with the Pallof Press, you are in a safer position. However, if you have knee problems, you should avoid the kneeling Pallof Press and instead choose a standing or seated variation, he adds.

Avoid Rotary Movements

The benefits of the “Pallof Press” come from the resistance to the pull of the band. That means twisting or tilting during the movement can take away from the purpose of the exercise. Positioning is really important. Push yourself straight forward.

If you find that you are twisting at the hips or torso or cannot fully extend your arms, you may be starting too intensely and would be better off practicing a scaled version of the movement to find the proper form.

If performing a “Palloff Press” is challenging, scale the exercise by adopting a still or isometric posture. Hold the cable or band in the stretch position for as long as possible while tensing your core and glutes, then rest and repeat the exercise.

You can also make the exercise easier by assuming a more stable starting position. If you are standing, you should place your feet further apart or half kneel, which provides more stability than kneeling fully.

Featured Image: Hogan Chiropractic
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