With TikTok rapidly becoming the most downloaded app in the world in 2022, Gambling.com decided to analyse which NFL teams are best utilising this social media platform and who is falling behind.

  • It turns out that the Kansas City Chiefs are dominating both on and off the field at the moment, leading the way in Followers, Likes, and Estimated Earnings per Video.
  • When it comes to Engagement, the Detroit Lions are getting the most love from their videos by having the highest average Like count in the league at a whopping average of 244,218 likes per video.

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Social media has been an important part of a sporting franchise for quite some time now, with platforms such as Instagram and Twitter being utilized for years now to better engage with fans.

When it comes to TikTok, however, we have seen an unprecedented meteoric rise in popularity from the platform, which saw it become the most downloaded app in the world in 2022. With this in mind, how well are NFL teams currently utilizing this platform to their advantage?

To discover this, Gambling.com decided to analyze the TikTok accounts of every team in the NFL in terms of Followers, Likes, Average Likes per Video, and even Estimated Earnings per Video in order to reveal the franchises that are at the top of the TikTok game:

TeamTikTok HandleFollowersLikesVideosAvg. Likes per VideoEarnings per Video
Arizona Cardinalsazcardinals731,0009,500,00026435,985$775
Atlanta Falconsatlantafalcons990,00015,100,00030349,835$946
Baltimore Ravensravens1,200,00014,100,00034540,870$1,200
Buffalo Billsbuffalobills1,800,00038,900,000215180,930$1,716
Carolina Pantherspanthers993,0008,400,00037922,164$970
Chicago Bearschicagobears997,60015,700,00048632,305$989
Cincinnati Bengalsbengals1,600,00025,600,000229111,790$1,497
Cleveland Brownsbrowns960,40011,600,00026044,615$939
Dallas Cowboysdallascowboys1,900,00024,600,00027788,809$1,800
Denver Broncosbroncos853,90012,600,00035835,196$841
Detroit Lionsdetroitlions1,900,00035,900,000147*244,218$1,701
Green Bay Packerspackers788,8004,800,00017128,070$747
Houston Texanshoustontexans276,0002,100,00010619,811$271
Indianapolis Coltscolts1,000,00012,000,00019960,302$1,000
Jacksonville Jaguarsjaguars427,5004,200,00016126,087$357
Kansas City Chiefschiefs*2,500,000*43,500,000307141,694*$2,401
Las Vegas Raidersraiders383,3003,200,0005162,745$210
Los Angeles Chargerschargers1,000,00020,100,00039251,276$980
Los Angeles Ramsrams1,400,00017,600,00033552,537$1,400
Miami Dolphinsmiamidolphins1,000,0008,100,00042519,059$996
Minnesota Vikingsvikings971,30015,100,00027654,710$880
New England Patriotspatriots1,200,00011,100,00024345,679$1,147
New Orleans Saintssaints954,6003,300,00010531,429$938
New York Giantsnygiants1,100,00021,600,00053740,223$944
New York Jetsnyjets764,40012,600,00041930,072$751
Philadelphia Eaglesphiladelphiaeagles1,900,00042,900,000*59072,712$1,800
Pittsburgh Steelerssteelers1,700,00021,900,00046846,795$1,674
San Francisco 49ers49ers1,200,00011,300,00035931,476$1,000
Seattle Seahawksseahawks1,000,00013,400,00055923,971$974
Tampa Bay Buccaneersbucsnfl1,200,00011,700,00038430,469$1,100
Tennessee Titanstitans1,000,000


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